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Frage von Jake the rake:


I am using a Decklink Studio with Premiere CS4 Windows7 Home Prem.
Vers Premiere is 4.2, Decklink Vers is 7.5.2.

Is not it still possible to verify audio in Premiere wärend the visual to capture? Or am I simply overlooked something?
The Asio drivers are of course correct, the check mark is on "Austeuerungsanzeige only for input" set "record sound" of course synonymous set.

Although I use a small mixer for monitoring, and it really works but I would like to know whether it is inside of Premiere synonymous possible ...

I would also like to know how I can take 2 separate audio tracks that I can use later in Encore as 2 separate languages.
I can only mono, stereo, or select "Surround".
I would have to separate the stereo track (I have not figured out how this is going to premiere )...?

Thank you for your effort and answers!


Antwort von Alf_300:

When the intensity goes to the audio recording synonymous only on the output of the card, first in the timeline, Premiere Grefte setting.


Antwort von Jake the rake:

Hello and thank you for the answer! I think not synonymous and it is so important it's not synonymous.

Is it possible to include any audio separately to the video? (Also synchronously so that it rests on the timeline?)


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