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Frage von Trixi200:


perhaps those who can help me, I do not know more next.

I would like to see a DVD recorder, hard disks (SonyRDR-HX870) buy, after I advance a FullHD / LCD Television bought. After seeing so many old movies with my video-8-camera had recorded, I would not hesitate using a DVD recorder to play, ie burn to DVD.

My Sony Camera has a video / audio connection. The dubbing cable has a scart s.anderen end-times.

Is that if I am one of the two scart connectors s.DVD recorder then connect to the movies on DVD to burn, ie. hire first on hard drive, then on DVD?

I still have more decision points. but this is very important to me. Old memories, you should not forget



Antwort von Markus:

Hallo Günter,

Video8 is using composite (yellow RCA connector) and audio cable (RCA plug red / white or red / black) to play on. I assume that the Scart connector is only connected to the RCA cable? Then take him s.and join the camcorder directly s.den new front in HDD-/DVD-Recorder. This saves you any intermediate connectors and reduces the risk of contact problems.

Games then a few shots with clear moving image content on the hard drive. Experiment with the recording quality and, if possible, choose those where you no difference to the original and still can recognize a good recording time per DVD obtain (SP should be with 2 hours per single-layer DVD).

Next, play the recordings on the hard drive and then only on DVD. The advantage is that you get the beginning and the end still cope trim unwanted parts and remove it.


Antwort von Trixi200:

Hi Markus,

Thanks for the help. Once I have the DVD recorder, I try it the same.

Beautiful Christmas wishes to you



Antwort von thekloi:

Hi Markus,

louder before (pre-Christmas)-stress, I have forgotten an important issue: I have old VHS tapes which I gladly would have burned to DVD. Why I am still torn between a pure DVD recorder and a multipurpose device. However, the cost of a good combi device like about 500 - 700 euros. Makes sense, just about 50 VHS cassettes to DVD to burn?

If the alternative is feasible, by my old VHS recorder s.den new DVD recorder, the VHS recording to save hard drive and then burn, or burn? What connections do I need this?

If I have the new device would have everything I try does not work, then it is just an expensive Fehleinkauf. I'm a say something untechnsich gifted.

Thanks for additional help says



Antwort von Markus:

"Günter" wrote: If the alternative is feasible, by my old VHS recorder s.den new DVD recorder ...
If the existing VHS recorder still works correctly and a good picture and signal quality, then you can use the device of course for playback use.

"Günter" wrote: ... the VHS recordings to save hard drive and then burn, or burn?
Both are possible.

"Günter" wrote: What connections do I need this?
The connections are the same as in the example above with the Video8 camcorder. Video8 and VHS differ fail not only the tape is a different matter. Depending on the model, the existing VHS recorder might not have RCA connections. In this case you still need a switchable scart-RCA adapter.

Why this (presumably non-switchable) SCART-RCA adapter most likely will not work, you can read here: About Scart inputs and outputs


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