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I have digitized an old video, it's fourth vob files. It is an Italian film and I have Subsfactory with German subtitles created because Subsfactory not 1.1, the vob files could read, I have previously converted into mpeg4 with iSkysoft Video Converter (all s.Mac). The DVD player but could not read mpeg4, so I copied the files in mpeg4 mpeg2, synonymous but can not read the DVD player. can read the vob files of the DVD player, but I can not burn along with the subtitles, because burning application Toast Lite asserts it would be too much data, although there are only 4.2 GB and 4.7 GB DVD can. And as a video DVD is certainly not because I will not know where my subtitle with srt. Knows File. In what format do I have the video file (the original vob.dateien are convert four pieces), so the DVD player can read it and see the subtitles?


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You have to perform an authoring. As a result, you get one-standard folder video_ts ", which you can burn to DVD. This folder contains VOB files (where drinstecken USDI video data), but synonymous IFO files (with the necessary additional information in order to run on a standard DVD player). As part of authoring one can embed subtitles synonymous.

You will need an authoring program that the video data from the original VOB files possible without recoding processes and can also read your subtitles.
I'm not experienced with Mac software is not enough. On the PC, I would probably use "GUI for dvdauthor.

Whether the whole thing fits on a single layer DVD, I do not know. The alleged a 4.7 GB blank (manufacturer) are in accordance with computer convention only 4.38 GB (due to the factor Kilo-/Mega-/Giga-Umrechnung with 1024 instead of 1000).


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