Infoseite // Which output format for the most popular DVD player?

Frage von rundabout:

Gudde tomorrow ...

sodele I have now about 20 codecs tried and am with my Latin s.Ende.

During the tests with a cheap DVD player was as follows:

No Picture
for oscillating, distorted picture
rushing in the Picture
not synchronously ..

I have MPEG 1, MPEG2, MPEG 4, AVI_MPEG, MPEG, DVD, HDTV MPEG etc. as the output format.

The question now ... WHAT codec compresses the "most losses" for the DVD player, but as the file size of the framework remains. I think on the PC looks really cool material that had contributed to quality backup NEN 42 "plasma s.meiner graphics card and the hang spits excellent images. I burn the Gesamtkunstwerk on DVD, coming just a Picture verpixeltes either tugs, smears, or both, does ...

Many greetings


Antwort von rundabout:

someone antwort ne;)

meanwhile I have the suspicion it is s.der frame number (24)


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