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Frage von Svenja:

Hello together,

Absolute Beginners as I've a problem.
I have a DVD recorder purchased. Now I have a video from the camcorder to a DVD-RW to play on. This DVD, I would now like to edit again and with a nice menu burn.

How do I do that? I've tried it with Nero, but there does not nix. Is it not so open times.

Had great if someone could give a tip.

Thank you and greetings



Antwort von steveb:

Yeah .... now excessive without wanting to, I advise you to play on the films of the cam directly to your PC (if possible) and design to the movies, menus and so next. You have to with your current approach, the DVD re-read (or rip) to convert MPEGs (or rename) and then the entire film will probably re-create. It loses it again s.Bildqualität.

Suggestion: Read you again the introductory thread in the forum here and use the forum search for detailed questions. They are very common and has repeatedly been asked.


Antwort von wotan:


So, to answer some previous run:
You have to first rip the DVD, eg with DVDShrink or DVDDecrypter with (just google enter free).
Then should I think the DVD in a normal video will be converted, so using a self-composed Nero DVD. But I would look for a tool for "DVD2MPEG" into Google and search for any hernehmen.
So you would need about half a day of computer time to clean the video to rip, encode and then again to encode.

If man's equal in the PC recordings, shortens the time to restore, create menu and a rather short period of transformation nero or so ...



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