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Frage von ackibaun:

Hello, a fundamental question. before I get more cassettes of my mini-DV camcorder:
1 holiday movie about 2 hours is already as AVI files on my
hard drive - they are saying and writing about 90 more or less long files. Is that so?
Now I want with Pinnacle Studio 10 SE prototypmäßig these files (as a learning process for other films) reduce, or they call the best in the Operating Trimming.
When used for the storyboard and when the timeline?
How do I s.besten before? Do we have all the files / clips of the whole movie on this drag strip, and then clip to clip trim, or clip for each clip and edit it out.
And how can I get a about 40 seconds clip a central part to cut (ie early (approx. 15 sec) can - then the bad part (10 sec) rausschneiden - and the final (about 15 sec) can again

Thank you very much


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

2 hours and "only" 90 clips? This is very, very little, if each of these clips represent a scene, which means each clip is on average about 80 seconds.
With a number of "extended", ie about 15 seconds long, I have settings for 45 minutes already over 170 clips.
The total file size should be at 2 h and at AVI is about 26 GByte. Yes, this needs to be :-)
Storyboard: Grobschnitt. As you throw stuff already failed in the first start out and assigns the remaining material. As you begin, it is matter of opinion. Some lash out ert everything in the storyboard and then throw away, others sift first and only consider the purely what they are probably synonymous in the cut will be needed. The first option in Pinnacle you will not enjoy because of the longer projects that can slow down performance dramatically.
Timeline: cut, cut clips, transitions, L-cuts, etc. For a 40-second clip, you can very easily slices: Move the cursor to the 1st Dividing point in the timeline, move, cut, then on the 2nd Dividing body, cut, now the cursor back and the play between the cutting marks delete them.
Incidentally review times in the Pinnacle instructions after L-and J-cut. As you can the sound of the deleted part and leave through another suitable Picture deposit.
15 seconds plus 15 seconds for the same attitude I would be a little long, but it depends on what you show. For a panoramic view as the establishing shot is maybe ok, but otherwise do it 5 or 8 seconds synonymous.
Holiday movie: one is always inclined to extend the length and may not be separated from the material ... :-) I do not synonymous since there will be holding two versions: one is cut so that the result of the best scenes, and: no preference how long it will.
The second passage, however, I leave it all synonymous sites from the movie, as it should always be someone on the shoulder. In this version I will not be possible immediately after the holiday.
I try the second version so as to reduce it in 45 minutes reinpaßt; is a more esoteric area within 60 minutes.
BG, Andreas


Antwort von ackibaun:

I wanted one for the good tips thanks, and secondly
the topic of 'data' or something, in my view, 'gross motor'
Komme actually 2 Denmark with my shooting at 115 clips and when I-the AVI files from the Explorer display properties of the list to approximately 35 GB - as always synonymous - some clips are just short (so about 9 sec for example) -Other 6 minutes to reach
Of course, I am currently still in the process rauszuschneiden clip or not to delete it simply because it 'too long or are unimportant.

But a fundamental question:
Am I a test with the previous material, I've cut a lot, a title beginning with music added, then
Movie, I still 2.Std. and 30 to me there as a process can be displayed.
I would with these settings to burn anyway, tell me the
Graphic that my 4.7 GB DVD + RW disc, this lot seem even burn to a disc would, however, with an indication of quality, only 38%.
Is there loss of quality really so serious, or are only reference values that are not so much refer to the image? If it is realistic, I would have, first, the shorter
Denmark film on a DVD and the longer second, again drastically reduced, then 100% to reach and to burn an extra DVD.
But why can one long feature films, of a DVD recorder hard drive yet comfortable to burn a DVD?


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