Infoseite // Editing software of Sony? to render 720p 60 fps - which product?

Frage von bra-geo:

With Veag 9e Pro 32 bit Vers. I can at rendering under H.264/AVC - Create a 720p 60 fps by user input with optimal liquid rendering Hd mp4 video files. My videos have been created with the Camera Sanyo VPC-HD1000 Xatici EX for me and has fully sufficient quality due to the 60fps (; liquid pan) and can thus slow the problem of rendering at 1080p 60fps, what then anyway back to 1080i with 30 fps (; inter least) to render is to go out of his way.
Unfortunately, my software Vegas Pro 9 is much too large and too expensive.
Hands me a simple cut, a movie track, 2 audio tracks (; Language, Music), title and simply fade without further fuss.
Can anyone give a hint of what the other cheaper products SonyVega (; eg HD Movie ... to 100 ¬) has the same custom setting? because of the Technical Reference. Product information can not figure it out, unfortunately.

Supplement 08.01.211:
After some tests I've decided to Cyberlink PowerDirector V8 - renders HD 1:1 and easy to use - highly recommended.


Antwort von Marco:

For you probably would -> Movie Studio Platinum HD 10 the right thing.



Antwort von bra-geo:

Thanks for the info, unfortunately, comes at the test installation wrong version? :-( I should probably update my XP SP2 aud SP3, which I will not want to make sure;.
Is there possibly another SW of recognized manufacturers (; Pinnacle I have tested, absolute junk - render long and bad quality, the same is true with Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Pros = even worse!)
change, but if all else is tearing you probably sooner or later on Windows 7 must, with all the problems of older SW.


Antwort von tommyb:

Have you downloaded the 32 bit version?

SP3 should be mitlerweile duty, for an XP with SP2 is just as good as jogging in a minefield ...


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