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Frage von skate4mike:


I've recently been with Adobe Encore DVD started to work. Actually, yes everything went fine, but I get my background video that I created in After Effects, not merely to the menu!

've Watched a video tutorial about it (; At about 03:30 when he pulls his AE Linked Dynamics of Link Project with Alt-button on his menu, so it will appear as a background video. Well it works for me does not mean that it is taken as the background video, but it plays only the sound.

Had created the menu with Photoshop (and only buttons) and imported into Encore.
Did any one piece of advice, why the video does not appear to me in the background?

Would I look forward to any reply! Does the school have done for s.Donnerstag ...



Antwort von Jake the rake:

Do you have the menu, menu, check whether the AAE Comp is set as a video source?


Antwort von skate4mike:

Yes it is ... thanks anyway ...:)


Antwort von skate4mike:

OK, but now habs geschafft!
All I had to really do was stand in the composition settings, the pixel aspect ratio to square pixels. Funny actually ...



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