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Externe LAN-Netzwerk-Festplatte zur Videobearbeitung geeignet ?

External LAN Network hard drive for video editing suitable?

Frage von Tarzan:
Oktober 2007

Work for several years with Ulead Video Studio (version 10). The hard drive is now pretty full and I consider instead the purchase of a new UDMA - HDD external hard drive with LAN connection to buy.

The PC (stands s.Dachboden) is on a 100 MB network cable connected with the basement, where a router is. On the router I have a big LAN-connected hard drive on my video - and wants to save audio files.

Question: Is an external LAN hard drive for video editing?

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Depends on your requirements. A DV stream requires 25 MBit / s. If you have a 100 Mbps network connection, you are up to four tracks simultaneously DV in your Time Line playable. The example of course is lagging because of the log information and Fehlerbenandlungen who have run the network cable, not a 100 Mbps are achievable.

Are you 2-3 video tracks?

Antwort von hannes:

> Is an external LAN hard drive for video editing?

funzt with me only sporadically, not at all satisfactory.
Did the part again abgehangen and the plate connected via USB.
Synonymous Is not the truth, is better than FireWire.

Muchos saludos desde el Golfo de Rosas
42 ° 14.964N, 3 ° 12.136E

Antwort von Stefan:

With a Packard Bell NetStores 3500 (typ. inexpensive NAS device, is available as part of China umgelabeltes many manufacturers) do I get Windows Explorer to the file copy or FTP to the / of the plate typically 2-3 MB / s 100 MBit despite network management.

The c't had some time ago (this year), a network test plate with large speed differences due to the chipset used in the NAS (and Mbit / Gbit connection anyway).

Good luck
The thick Stefan

Antwort von Oburs:

This is nothing more, because too slow.
It would be no more than this for archiving finished videos to benefit, then you would have on your hard drive again synonymous more space.

Antwort von Tarzan:

Thanks for the hints. The inputs are very helpful to me.

After I synonymous nor the cost of a NAS or networked hard disk drive saw, I came to the conclusion, a classic hard drive to buy. So I am both a cost-effective as technically synonymous Page on the safe, because I no transmission error or Edit Renern use for.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Build you but the new disk in a removable frame. Then you can "project-based hard disks" and create the most necessary "insert".

An alternative would be maybe to use a Gigabit network (10x faster than the 100 Mbit). But if necessary, but you need new network cards for PCs s.schnelleren data involved and an appropriate switch for direct connection of these devices among themselves (the router may remain so, and will switch s.den).

Antwort von beiti:

I had times as a simple NAS enclosure for 40 euros, with whom I hardly 1MB/sec. I came. Today's models in this price class should be 3-4 MB / sec. may, but are still far away of the theoretical 100 Mbit / sec (= 11.9 MB / sec.). Even genuine 11.9 MB / sec. would be for DV Editing multilane scarce.
Furthermore, the cheap NAS enclosure on FAT32 defined what an unpleasant addition Filesize limitation with raises.

There are s.ca. Euro 150 (plus HDD) better mini-server, for example, Linux-based work and file their own use without significant limitations. There is even something for Gigabit-LAN, and the effect but in practice only a small increase over 100-Mbit, and not about the jump to full Gigabit LAN performance. As one can of the theoretical values are not fooled.
True, you can take advantage of a Gigabit LAN with probably only real "big" servers, then the budget but the budget blow.

An interim solution would have the NDAS Standard (housing s.ca. 50 euros), which is slightly different than the NAS solutions works. NDAS enclosures are not servers, but they control the hard drive with a special software remotely over the LAN. You can then use NTFS and even gets a performance close p.100-Mbps maximum. The disadvantages are that the NDAS solutions are not in auto standby switch can be, the one would have to if the record in another room, then somehow regulated by software, and at worst they run through 24h.

It has a nice guide to network storage:
Since performance is synonymous measured values in it, not just theoretical maximum values.

With the performance of a cheap, external USB-2.0-plate can be synonymous to expensive network solutions do not keep up. In this respect one should only go over the network, if there are good reasons (eg, central repository for multiple computers in the house, back-up drives are well protected in the basement, etc.). For DV editing are USB 2.0 or Firewire usually the better choice.

Antwort von HZJ:

The NDAS Trekstor maxi Z UL are pleasantly zippy. It extends to the CD burning over the network but DV DV editing is not at all. Internet movies should not be a problem.
Image editing with low waiting times for large RAW files is possible, but if I have major work to do, get me the images I prefer to drive to the local store and back afterwards.
The Trekstor go after 5 minutes of non-use in the sleep state. When I run now with 400GB for a year and a second identical since May you be as storage for important data used for several calculator at any time must be available.
For safety, there is still a regular backup to external firewire drives.
I have the NDAS solution purchased, because I have no desire for another round the clock running and noisy PC had.

Greetings, Bernhard

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