Infoseite // FD-mount for Redrock M2 adapter, or adapter for Canon FD Mount?

Frage von Dr.Djot:

Slashcam Hi!
I recently bought a Redrock M2 adapter in order to use it s.meinerCanonXH A1, but unfortunately, the adapter mounted a Nikon mount, but I have different SSC FD lenses of my altenCanonA1, with whom I am very satisfied and this necessarily with want to use the adapter. Does anyone know where I am an exchange-FD-mount this fall for the M2 adapter, Redrock delivers unfortunately not going to Germany, the Netherlands are the shipping costs as much as the part itself + tax = much too expensive. If anyone knows a dealer who sells or matching parts, please let you know me:)
If anybody has any such plans and Mount has, to a different lens types to upgrade or why always be synonymous FD-Mount nciht need more, I take it like for a reasonable price from!
Now I thought about buying an alternative a adapter of Nikon to FD in order to use my lenses with the mounted Mount can, but I wonder if I with to accept such an adapter is not also huge loss of quality must (Sharpness, Brightness, aberrations, flange, etc.). Maybe someone can give you yes of helpful advice, thank you apologize in advance,
best regards,


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Question since the supply when not to D land?


Antwort von Dr.Djot:

When I wanted to confirm my order, came a message like "this product is not available in your country", I of P + S is one of patent infringement, so the supply allegedly noAdapters to Germany, habs grade but tried again, this time I am what next come noFehlermeldung, but the same as after horrendous Versandksoten NL. Did the order but not synonymous to the end carried out will, I first look for cheaper alternatives ...
Dino mfg


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Dr.Djot" wrote: ... But I wonder if I accept such an adapter with no loss of quality must also huge (Sharpness, Brightness, aberrations, flange, etc.) ...
The problems should be the same as with an adapter fürCanonFD optics on the EF port: Gives cheap versions without lenses like a washer, which means you lose the Unendlicheinstellung and may depend on the lens at worst to focus only at close range, while the theoretically better versions with Lens Although this deficit did not reduce but the image quality and moreover extend the focal easy. It depends on your claim, but in general it is well with None of the two solutions to be truly happy. Since it is worthwhile in any case, somewhere FD raise a direct connection.


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