Infoseite // Film jerky! Dvd Player + External Hard Drive

Frage von CanonFanTom:

Hello Slashcam forum.
because I have no answer to my question was,
I have to make you sorry =)
So I start at times when I use my external hard drive connected s.meinem Dvd Player
and a movie will play, then the whole picture jerky and Tonverlauf!
Already have the quality of the film made little ... without success.
Oh the Dvd player has a USB 1.1 port to my knowledge is sufficient. The same game s.meinem I've tried the other calculator synonymous only one USB 1.1 port and it had declined.
Can you help me next?
Yours sincerely,



Antwort von Eva Maier:

Is it logical USB 1.1 is too slow.

/ E


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