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wird HD format  noch immer in pal und ntsc unterteilt ?

HD format is still in pal and ntsc divided?

Frage von Weissblechmann:
September 2007

Hello! At the risk of abuse to my question, looking at first had no answer found.

Camcorder Buying in the U.S. has repeatedly Heis discussed only in terms of the read me does not specifically on HD camcorder ..
at least I have not understood:

an American camera features a different HD signal to be a German? there's HD and HD ntsc pal?

Antwort von beiti:

NTSC and PAL is in the traditional sense no longer, but there is still the subdivision in 50 Hz and 60 Hz (interlaced fields per second). Most HD camcorder can be only one of two, then this is yet again to halt the backward-compatibility with PAL and NTSC.
Consequently you get in the U.S. mostly for devices 60i, 60p, 30p and / or 24p, while in Europe to devices 50i, 50p or 25p gets offered. Only a few (semi-) professional models can be switched, ie, here is the same device sold worldwide, which dominates all variants.

As long as the HD images to remain, these standards are now no longer an obstacle, as all HD-capable equipment in Europe synonymous American'60s standards play it. Once you down, but on SD (eg, order for friends who have no HD devices have to burn DVDs) should be back for PAL or NTSC decide. About an American 60i camcorder uses, then has the choice between an NTSC DVD (which is worse Resolutionals PAL and has not at all European appliances running smoothly, but the motions of an ideal over 60i) and a PAL DVD (which Although a better Resolutionhat, but due to the conversion of 60 to 50 Hz then errors in the motion picture shows). As a basis for an optimal PAL-DVD are only devices that record at 50 Hz.

Ultimately, it remains synonymous for HD in the knowledge that one for universal use in Europe is not (pure) 60-Hz-use devices should be.

Antwort von wolfgang:

Just as it is - the devices share the 1440x1080 Resolutionin HDV2, but with 50i or 60i. And that only makes limited sense, if you must convert.

I would in a 50 Hz environment but are not synonymous in 60i filming, if I just stick with HD Aufösung - what the answer almost vorhergehnde suggests. Reason - you can see some lights and neon tubes flicker accordingly. But it is true - very often it is his material now and probably even more synonymous in the coming years to SD down convert need - and then do I prefer, of 1080 50i to SD-PAL, as of 1080 from 60i.

Antwort von WoWu:

.. Beiti and Wolfgnag have almost everything I said ....
Therefore I can only add one:

All U.S. in HDV format in 4:1:1 sampled
European format in 4:2:0

When the conversion is from 4:1:1 + 4:2:0, but 4:1:0
Unless you converted with sophisticated hardware dig. Baseband. With a conversion I would be if they are not in a professional environment is made very carefully.

Antwort von Dill:

First many thanks for your reply very helpful .. however there are now for 2 folge ask: can a us hd camcorder pal my old DV tapes play?

I cut with Macrosytem Solitaire. because the hardware does not have HD input serves you a trick, say you cut first in SD ... (details Fa Macro Systems)
and if I am not mistaken then yes it would be just such a conversion should make the problems in the U.S. camcorders, synonymous when I finished the editing in HD then again back to the camera wants to play ....

Antwort von Markus:

"A / e Nameless / r wrote:
can us my old hd camcorder pal DV tapes play?

There is no universal answer. Some NTSC camcorder can perhaps, others were not. Again, a few devices, you can switch of one television standard to another (eg SonyHVR-Z1).

Antwort von TheBubble:

"WoWu" wrote:
All U.S. in HDV format in 4:1:1 sampled
European format in 4:2:0

HDV uses www.hdv-info.org according to a 4:2:0 Abtatstung. NTSC DV in the variant uses a 4:1:1 sampling.

Antwort von WoWu:

jau, you're right ... my mistake: confused. Thanks for the correction.

Antwort von beiti:

A few general remarks for sale in the U.S.:

The tax-free prices of U.S. dealers always look at first glance tempting, but if you then import in the EU-Inch German import and sales tax it must pay the price difference is even less clear: without a video camcorder input cost 4.9% inches, those with video input (these are the most in the U.S.) even 12.5% inch. On the Total incl Inch Now add 19% import VAT. One U.S. through the camcorder is in. So usually by 34% more expensive.
The exemption for goods that are at the point of entry may carry duty-free, is 175 euros. That helps for camcorder not synonymous because the amount will not count (it applies only to single items up to 175 euros).
There is also an inexpensive flat-rate taxation for goods below 350 euros with a total of 13.5%, which is well below the aforementioned 34%, but unfortunately only for cheap camcorder applicable.
For the conversion of dollars into the euro goes s.Tag course of import.
If someone "creative import" thinks a shit of the duty will cost several times and has in the Height, which is due to good Camcoder is already criminal consequences. One can theoretically synonymous after entering yet caught and prosecuted, because the devices through their serial numbers clearly a sales territory assigned.

Among the costs, the problems with the warranty in the event of return or repair must be complicated customs formalities observed, so that later no new customs duties are calculated. Quite apart from the extended repair in the U.S., the waiting time considerably.

This already applies to all international instruments (eg 50/60 Hz switchable camcorders or cameras). In typical U.S. camcorders come, nor the technical problems with the external standard to (flickering at 50-Hz fluorescent tubes, problems with conversion and playback equipment in German).

So I would buy from the U.S. advise. In the U.S., I would only buy a camcorder, if I (for which reason it can give) is a 60-Hz device wished.

Antwort von Markus:

@ Beiti:

Very good written! I have your post as the first direct link in my collection the following are included: Camera in the U.S. to buy?

Antwort von Bayonetwork:

Hi, I'm just dazugestossen and hab da noch ne frage. And although my girlfriend is American and we're flying in December in the States. Clearly I need more because I thought NEN camcorder to get, but you have convinced me that I probably would rather do here. The following is as yet. I have a 20 "iMac to my girlfriend at the U.S. military base in Stuttgart, Germany has purchased. Until now, because everything worked flawlessly. Since I am now soon as the canon HV 20's would like to get as much as I still need to know. Currently I am working yet With iMovie HD, and with the American dreck my camcorder freundin everything works out. in the top window bar of the program is "DV-NTSC". So,

1. If I buy NEN German camcorder, will I ever in my vehicle cut the program? So HDV is your comment so no problem, but what looks like when I watch it on SD runterkonvertiere?

2. I am especially interested in the function of the 25p camcorders. Can mann 25p videos ever edit in iMovie and / or convert to SD?

So many thanks,
gruss Chris

Antwort von beiti:

1. Whether you can edit the recordings depends of the software. Most programs can be used as synonymous PAL NTSC (or 50 Hz and 60 Hz when it comes to HDV goes), but if the software purely for the American market has been created, you can not 100 percent safe. At worst, you need to get hold another editing software, hardware is an American iMac in any case not on NTSC/60Hz limited.

2. The 25p is only a recording feature, the cartridge is still in 50i recorded, because the HDV - no separate standard 25p mode knows.
Whether you 25p for your purpose is right and good, is another question, because most movies look better in 50i. Actually one needs only 25p for special purposes (preparation for FAZ or film-look effect). A real quality progress would only 50p, but the HV20 can not.

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