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Frage von Basti27:

Hello everybody,

've ne question concerning AVCHD. I work with Final Cut Pro,
this is me but for the encoding. When you import AVCHD encoded
Final Cut the AVCHD footage in ProRes422 yes. If this compression
actually very lossy?

There are now so few programs like Premiere CS4 native
Dealing with AVCHD material. In how far is worth the direct processing?

It is about images of a HG21 AVCHD in 24mbit / s in 1080p.




Antwort von pailes:

The ProRes 422 codec is with "virtually lossless" proposition. You will see with the naked eye no difference noted.
What the native AVCHD editing is concerned: Once you synonymous only a filter on your AVCHD material application, must be the final output anyway completely re-compressed and time I say that to ProRes rather than offering AVC.


Antwort von WoWu:

With the transfer of content from AVC codierst you instead of a DCT in a DWT. The Picture is preferred in a soft movements.
Since you probably are not your content behind an array of the closing date from ProRes422 give you, but probably back ina DCT-based algorithm transcodierst, you will be on your finished product the artifacts of both codecs and see the effects of blurring in a Neucodierung block in the form of increased education .
We must not be deceived, as the first generation still looks like, but must always be the final product after the umpteenth generation consider.
If you have the opportunity, in the original codec to stay ... and the latest is the case, if you as a Blu-ray Endmedium into consideration, then it is absolutely recommended.
Whole time of the other tools besides the AVC codecs to include other codecs.
Once in a non-AVC codec and plays on the merits are on the wayside.


Antwort von deti:

Generally we see any trans-coding and therefore you should not use it if possible. AVCHD footage natively be treated in any case the best solution. I look at the workflow AVCHD -> ProRes422-> H.264 a clearly perceptible loss of sharpness. However, if one does not know the original, so that is a good life. I did not cut with Final Cut Pro, because it's in HD material simply too slow to me on the available hardware.


Edit: Oops, WoWu was faster ;-)


Antwort von Basti27:

Thank you for your support.


ps: I will premiere in test times, sometimes watching what the Mac and says if his breath runs out.


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