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Interview - Ton angeln - Wie Mikrofon positionieren?

Interview - Sound - fishing position as Microphone?

Frage von Paul*Berlin:
Februar 2010

First, a large TACH s.The community! I am glad now to be here, and thank you for slashCAM for the whole Cam-tests! Who have given me in my decision ultimately (for the Panasonic HDC-SD 300 few weeks ago, absolutely weitergeholfen)!

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I will s.Donnerstag filming an interview for an acquaintance. Say it takes the interview and I care about the technology completely. This is one (as already mentioned), the Panasonic HDC-SD 300, plus one t.bone Manfrotto 936 tripod and a shotgun Micro (EM9600). In the interview, I'll attach the Micro s.einem boom microphone stand, I hope I can use as an overhead Tripod (170cm Height could) 100cm gallows are scarce, but the interviewee will not sit.

Thus, we now switch so to speak, of the shots in the close-up. : D

I agree wholeheartedly that it will be the first time that I was filming with my new cam mentioned something serious (I worked for a year before but with the intensity of Samsung VP-MX20, will continue to use them synonymous, synonymous during the interview s.Donnerstag to create a close-up of the interviewee (for cuts) or a Reverse of my acquaintances, which I will clarify with her whether she wants to be seen here. It is ultimately synonymous only to the school, but then for it an important test, so I want to give me more trouble, except that it is a perfect opportunity to practice.) and it is synonymous for the first time that I worked with an external micro. If I Sound of top HOST as I believe, must have the microphone then jump over the interviewee (ie, almost at a 90 ° angle) or more in front of him, so that the microphone can be directed more towards the mouth, therefore, be positioned almost at a 45 degree angle?

So actually a long speech for a brief sense. I am grateful for any help!

Antwort von tommyb:

Go s.The logical thing ran:
If I turn with my back to you and say something, how well you will understand me?

If I now turn around and say something in your direction, how well do you understand me?

Your directional microphone is like the name suggests "directed". But that means synonymous, that you have to send it to the sound source. The sound source is not the synonymous vertebrae in her hair and not the ear but the mouth.

You have your directional microphone to his lips so addressed, at what angle do you turn the sausages is really important is the distance from the sound source. If you are not directly of the Micro come up but does not synonymous at a 45 degree angle but rather somewhere in between - should be the perfect compromise between the "up close" and "sound source to be directly taken in the area of influence" without have to Mirkofon in the Picture .

Take up any event, synonymous with headphones in order to control a sound, because you have exactly on the mouth, "directed" to do otherwise would only lead back to the fact that the background noise is loud as possible.

Alternatively, one can thus indicative of micro-synonymous to come down, because many people speak rather than jump straight down. Another alternative - especially in your case - would be a microphone. So you do not build the gallows and has almost always had good voice.

Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

Hi TommyB,
Thanks for your answer! It is this very notion that people do not speak with the hair, I had synonymous, but I have been often seen that an overhead Microsystems was positioned directly over your head. Or so it looked to me. That is why I asked. And you have confirmed me in my thoughts! : D And when the gallows-Tripod is not large enough, then I mus anyway diminish the sound of the bottom, which of course would be bad if he sits s.einem table, but it will go smoothly. I can then indeed synonymous still decide whether the Micro should be seen in the picture or not.

With headphones, I will include in any case, the new cam has fortunately synonymous a corresponding mini-jack output, with my old cam, I always had an A / V connecting cable, to it a Chinc-Kline adapter ... Well, no preference.

Achso to mention, I forgot: Ansteckmikros are in my "budget" erstmal not provided, although these would certainly make sense, but can ultimately be used rarely, as it's worth the purchase. And a sound-Assi, I have as little as a real boom, just a reutilized Angel, who then is synonymous almost 3 1 / 2 feet long and the length is not variable ...

Thanks for your advice!

Antwort von domain:

In any case, you can treat the problem propaedeutically and theoretically before the really important shots.
Just try it out. The least-directional microphones have an extremely narrow angle.
So in making test shots before experiments: for example, addressed the Micro exactly between the two persons. Can certainly usable level for both individuals revealed.

Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

Hi domain,
Synonymous thank you for your reply. I'll try the whole time, but not now. I will then try synonymous, of course, think of it as the turning of the interview was ... Into the net, I can, unfortunately the film but probably not.

But another question: Do I have to think about the lighting conditions? I'm at home with me standing around a spotlight synonymous with Tripod, but the 300W is synonymous. This is, I do not think well when you come somewhere, and then synonymous still want to draw 300W from the socket. The interviewee has indeed synonymous nothing of the interview, no extra sales or something ... When a team of the ARD attended an author can hope to, yes, that some spectators vllt googled his name and. what to buy. Since then, it is synonymous not so bad if the plug then a couple of lights ... Any good to very small PAR16 lights with 50 or 75W halogen lamp for such situations, what?

Antwort von pardalis:


I would borrow microphones and a light suitcase, so that you are with about 100 euro investment on the safe Page


Antwort von tommyb:

Just because the ARD team is great, that is still far from being that you have to do without light.

50 or 75 watts is not particularly far-reaching, 300W already brings a little more. Better but more lights (see three-point lighting), for bringing synonymous 300W popped right in front of the bib absolutely nothing.

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