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Frage von maximilliancohen:

I work for a smaller film and video equipment rental and am just so busy taking inventory of all equipment carried.
For the stationary parts and the larger units, which go into the rental, we use Avery / Zweckform nameplate labels on which the company's label and the inventory number will be printed.
But the labels are adequate, but now we need strong adhesive, preferably small labels, for mobile devices that go in the hire. Especially for things like microphones, and possibly Lenses Kabelei labels are needed, the synonymous term s.schwierigen bodies. They will even be printed and should not be so without weiterees to remove.
I have inquired at several lending but None can or wants to correct information.
Perhaps my next lot of people here to help and someone has experience with something like that. I'm thankful for every tip!


Antwort von rtzbild:

Sach'n beautiful greeting vonn Trier Regional Radio, o)

LG Olli


Antwort von manuchao:

Even though it is somewhat OT, in our rental, there are cameras, plasma and similar with only



Antwort von maximilliancohen:

thanks for the reply!
1. we want to print the labels themselves
2. Secondly, the course in a cost-benefit ratio is, ie the labels have a good hold, but not excessive cost, with hundreds of wires and small mobile devices that want to be labeled ...

ps: I like tampon pressure ;-)


Antwort von rtzbild:


kannste only paper printed with ink or foil with laser or Themotransfer.

I suggest you make it right, so the meaning of "professional," Speak Your Orders 5000 plastic sticker with roman numbers and barcode labels and industrious, the numbers on your sign in your database.

If something is an adhesive solution gets hold of the article a new number from the series, as the inventory labels with the Office.




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