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Frage von Excellounge:

Hello Together,

I am planning for the next time an Internet live broadcast. But what
I must, taking into account?

My plan and the problems:
An OB-van to record a football game with three cameras. The
Images are mixed in the car and s.den PC with Internet connection
forwarded. Here already the first problem, how do I capture the video --
Signal into the PC. What card do I use it and what s.besten

The video signal is then encoded (this happens through the
Capture card or do I need a software start coding?) Dannacher
the encoded signal is passed s.den streaming server.
To this end, the last question, which provider can recommend it to her myself.
Especially weill the Project will take place only once.

Again, the issues summarized
* How do I capture the video signal from the OB truck in the PC
* How do I encode the signal
Stremingserver * What can you recommend?


Antwort von Markus:


schau mal in my subsequent posts, as you already find some answers to your questions. We rely for our live streaming A / D converter of Canopus a (mostly ADVC-110) and as Encodingsoftware the Windows Media Encoder. Can encode the data coming from the Canopus converter, and directly stream.

More Info:
" Live capture ...
" Tips to encode using Windows Media Encoder


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