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Frage von tdeece:

It's not really a video "post processing" issue, but I hope she is still in good hands. Would not know where else can I ask ....

My problem: I need a good software with which I live of PC / laptop videos / animations and still images can play in small events (note, there is still just a "but"!)

For example, the laptop is connected s.einem Beamer I would like for example on the screen behind the stage at the recently held a panel discussion projecting a Stillimage, or a looped animation of the logo. Is the talk show over, I may want to fade to a video clip. If that is gone through, I stale either back to the previous Stillimage, or a different background graphic that I created in the meantime - or directly to another video.

Actually, pretty basic live video mixing.

Unfortunately, I found so far only VJ software is commonly used for (audio) visuals at clubs, parties or similar occasions, so where it goes on very short clips, Beat Matching, bulky gadgets Effects and more. Resolume, for example, or ArKaos.

I however would like to play some flexibility prepared graphics and videos on cue and do not perform anything live mix /.

The above Proggies have not been programmed natively for example ten several-minute video, broken to show some of graphics and animations. The Programs Although the CAN somehow synonymous - sometimes more, sometimes less - but I would prefer a dedicated video presentation software!

The looping and trimming of video and share, of In - and Out points and, as I said, the convenient cross fade between two sources, or synonymous with the "hard" switches of A to B are the only functions I need. MIDI support would be nice but not even really that essential. Title Generator, keyers, picture-in-Picture or Live Signal Processing I may not.

Priced like the whole thing can cost a few hundred synonymous, it is supposed to be synonymous something decent. I put on events so far only arschteure giant plants (Watchout and Co. saw), with which the course is synonymous everything - but in my price-performance segment and unfortunately so far only Resolume and consorts ... Super Programs, .... super factor of professionalism - but unfortunately for a different audience

Thanks for tips!


Antwort von frm:

Can you provide only for this tip. That is all you need.
I have worked for years with it.
Just contact the programmer of the software that can help you.



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