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Magix launches new video editing program Pro X in front of heidi - 4 Sep 2008 21:23:00
The new program Video Pro X, the end of September on the market should apply to users s.professionellere video deluxe, and brings many functions in accordance with.

In the first place beats the support of Sony's XDCAM format envisaged. Another recording sources in addition to all current (H) DV - and AVCHD camcorders synonymous TV cards, Screencapturing, USB video converter or HDMI Capturingkarte Blackmagic Design DeckLink Intensity mentioned. The different video formats in SD or HD Resolutionwie DV, HDV or AVCHD without prior conversion to a Project may be edited.

Here more features at a glance:

- Keyframe Editor - in addition to the effect settings in the Media Pool is an advanced editing Bézier curve with control directly in the timeline possible

- 3-way color correction - Farbräder for shade, middle, professional lights and exposure control after the lift, gamma, and gain principle

- MultiCam-Edtiting (up to four cameras), video objects can be made by audio analysis s.die auto correct position of the timeline set

- GPU hardware acceleration

- Integrated Alpha channel support of AVI files, import files of.psd

- A built-in image stabilization is unwanted movements in the Picture offset. This moves the picture according to the erroneous movements into the opposite direction (and cuts and scaled).

- Sample-accurate audio editing, master audio level meter, real-time audio mixer

- Audio effects such as Declipping, Denoiser, Dehisser, equalizer, compressor, stereo FX, echo, reverb, pitch shift etc.

- Support of external video - and audio plug-ins (VirtualDub, proDAD VitaScene / Adorage, VSTModule DirectX plugins.

- Synchronization with external devices via MIDI or SMPTE

- Title Editor with creep and roll effects, also can be 3D text animations with the MAGIX 3D Maker

- Export: besides Windows Media, Real Media or QuickTime is synonymous in an edition MPEG-4/H.264/3GP available (not available to Flash Video)

- Output to Blu-ray discs with animated menus and 6-channel PCM Surround Sound

- DVD authoring module with up to eight soundtracks

- Apparently the program can be synonymous for transcoding tasks are used - by list (batch) can be either a movie file into several other video formats, or convert different videos in the same format market. The computer can transform the auto shut down.

- Customizable keyboard shortcuts and user interface that works with multiple monitors is possible

Newcomers of MAGIX Video deluxe can choose whether they are the usual work or the new Pro Video-X concept with source and monitor program, project filing, etc. want to use, also is the import of video deluxe project files.

Video Pro X is s.dem 30.09.08 for 349 euro exclusively be available in stores (which is synonymous for new Magix). Crossgrade offer of any video editing software (that is synonymous of other providers) are available for 249 Euro, as evidence must be either a copy of the original invoice, the original CD, the cover page of the manual or the original packing materials to be mailed.

We are waiting with tension on our trial version of Video Pro X, Pardon: Video Pro X ;-) - let's see if the software delivers what it promises ...

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Antwort von Ficeduld:

Na, da bin ich mal gespannt how it feels the ......


Antwort von Fitzcarraldo:

Is this a new name for the forthcoming video deluxe 15 "
(Here: video-deluxe-15-with-MultiCam editing 7068.html)

or an additional, different product?



Antwort von Markus73:

"Fitzcarraldo" wrote: Is this a new name for the forthcoming video deluxe 15 "[...] or an additional, different product?

There is a new product, there are both.



Antwort von JMS Productions:

I can hereby times synonymous link to my contribution, I've created this lunchtime:

MAGIX is a professional (s) ---> MAGIX Video Pro X


Antwort von videotomi:

yes looks not so bad ..... but if it is for me `ne alternative to MSP is, I can only assess if there is a dmo or trial there ....

On the page Magix I do think, however, nothing :-(

What `ne other source for a demo?

Allt he best



Antwort von eberhard:

I'd like to know whether the software Video Pro X synonymous Magix Edition of the Vasco da Gama 3 This is, in video deluxe 15 would be they?



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