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Frage von Peter Freiburg:


for cutting and burning my SD camcorder video of I'm looking for a simple editing program that allows me the following:

- Dealing with MPEG2 files (which spits out my SonyDCR SX 15 already in DVD-Resolutionaus)
- Cutting of Shooting with simple transitions (do not need any fancy shapes ...)
- Inserting of titles
- Two audio tracks is all you (that sound plus an extra soundtrack)
- Creation of DVD Menu
- Burn to DVD or save as a file in smaller size

I have a 5 year old notebook with 2GB RAM (Processor I do not even). Before, I had a version of Pinnacle Studio on it, but I have not, unfortunately. That went very smoothly.

Would be even more important to me, that only those points in the video will be recalculated, in which transitions and titles will be integrated to have no loss of quality. For the Cam spits already in mpeg2.

Since I do not have the time and leisure to work with many different tools, I seek an all-in-one solution, synonymous when the then will cost a little more.

Then there are the usual suspects such as Pinnacle, Cyberlink, Ulead and Magix, the latest versions can, however, far more than I need. And the more I am here, and input is all the more indecisive I become.

Can you have an older version of which (s.welcher version number?) Recommend, which is still available and with which I am going well? Or are there alternatives? Cost would be nice :-).
A really narrow solution that is not claimed endless resources, would also be great (no editing HD material).

Thank you very much for your help


Antwort von hannes:

PowerDirector8u currently the cheapest of the "Bay" is.
Key bid, download program, done. Currently eighth .15 EUR

Alternative is the good old MSPro7 synonymous.
Remaining stocks are still sold.
Or possibly synonymous LetsEdit of Canopus.


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