Infoseite // Material of Canon Quickt 7D.Premiere CS4 &. does not show existing codec

Frage von lftw:

Hey ho

I hope you can help me quickly.
I have HD material as. Mov get nervous of Canon 7D. On a PC s.dem I copied it to me I could look at the material yet. Now, at home, Quicktime plays audio only ne Track s.and Premiere CS4 tells me when I import the codec is wrong or not available. Thought only the H.264 codec in Premiere but I lack I can play movies so synonymous with NEM H.264 codec. Quicktime tells me miss it for the format Components and refers me to this Page ->

Well ..... and what should I now invite them down? -.-

Jo and when it would finally play with the normal work times must I still synonymous in the HD convert HDV material. I was recommended the Sorenson Squeeze, or you have made a better experiences with other programs?



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I do not understand me is that even with the older Premiere Pro CS3.


Antwort von lftw:

Well I Nich synonymous why I write yes in here ^ ^


Antwort von Alf_300:

With QuickTime 7.6 should be possible to open the files, and then of course synonymous in Premiere.

Otherwise times
Open with Quicktime and then save it as a movie, then it'll at least with Nikon files (apparently Writes a new (more beautiful) Header)


Antwort von lftw:

Ahhhhhh XD
I thought I already had the latest version of Quicktime.
How easy ...
how cool! That really brought hats:)
cool, thank you so much!


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