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Frage von Tom2020:

I use Windows Movie Maker for video editing. Camera and PC are connected via USB miteinader. Now I have during the transfer of the film of the camera to the PC again and again the problem is that Movie Maker to record video without sound (I get almost a "silent" on the Calculator). On the Camera (SonyDCR) can not lie, because the sound is flawless. The TFT monitor integrated speakers are turned synonymous. I am quite a layman can only suspect that it with the input level in the recording settings of Movie Maker to do. Honestly, I do understand the connection between audio equipment and audio input source is not really ;-)! Maybe it depends on the fact that the settings in Movie Maker is not with the sound settings in Control Panel of your PC's together?
Who can tell me how or where the settings to make, so synonymous with the sound across?


Antwort von gOnZaLeS:

I had a similar problem with my camcorder,'ve just solved it by getting me a Firewire cable bought (about 5 ¬) and the camcorder with the DV - Out jack with the PC hab. That is synonymous equal a much better quality of the recorded movie.
Otherwise, it really only s.den settings of the audio source is. Just the movie on the camcorder and try to run when the source signal is displayed and the level indicating a rash.

I hope you could at least help a little.


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