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Frage von petepopcorn:


- Request:
My animation (. Mov from director) is on DVD-video will be burned. Player is a DVD player s.einem large widescreen LCD TV (according to manual max resolution: 1024x768 ... so what is 4:3, hm.).

- Presence:
Movie is 1024x576 pixels in size. Have it as an info as horizontally shrink to 720x576 Movie spend. That should mean that in the naked 16:9 LCD TV Breitgezerre of the resolution re-vote. (I reads)

- Problem:
Have to test both sizes (ie, 1024x576 and 720x576) with Toast 7 (Mac) DVD-Video burned. Result on LCD TV was bad! The 720x576 version was blurred and had left and right black bars. The variant was 1024x576 fullscreen, but on very large and synonymous blurred.

- Question:

Sure I make absolute video layman something wrong. Only what?
Unfortunately, I use the large LCD TV not next test, it must be folded, the next time: /
If the problem of fuzziness in Toast? Why is the film does not fit nicely FullScreen?
Have been synonymous innumerable contributions durchgewühlt here, but I often only "station" understood, or nothing found.

I'm grateful for any help! (... Especially foolproof)


Antwort von FABINSK:



Antwort von robbie:


you have your problem already outlined quite exemplary ...

if it is NOT s.deinem dvd - authoring program, then I offer you the following options and thoughts on games:

I start at times banal ... how close are you s.fernseher? in plasmas with diagonal so 1m is a sd-forming s.etwa 3-4 meters sharp ... if you can stand closer to you are not surprised ... ;)

Now it will be interesting:
Try out the menu in both 4:3 and 16:3 settings and what else there is manual by ...

looks like the picture on another TV set from?

schöne grüße,


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