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Frage von Kibuking:

Hi All,

I've created painstakingly my vacation video with the Studio9. Unfortunately this was something big, so I needed a double layer DVD. Of course, had no preparation for the film at hand. So I read the Pinnacle SW create an image.
Burned Now to my problem, I have the image to a DL-DVD,
However, only the main sections are shown. That means I can not click in the chapter with my player?
Have I burned the DVD wrong od is the Prob s.DVD player?

Incidentally s.PC funktz without problem




Antwort von amarder:

Hi All,
is on the search for the double-layer DVD that came out?
I have the same problem, only that I wanted to burn the same aud the DL, but the program recognizes only a 4.7 GB DVD


Antwort von Udo Schröer:

The compatibility of DL DVD to regular DVD player is not particularly good. If it s.Calculator stake is the menu structure so apparently I only use the io-R blanks and never had any problems.

PS: Do synonymous my vacation movies on DVD, after 45min before looking for more None.

In the shorter and sweet!


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