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Frage von aight8:

How does one actually at the stations when they use multiple Lavarie station. Can the big sony cameras the same receive more channels, or what?

Would I want to imitate it, I would need, theoretically for each channel its own Recipient box?

The three signals I need somewhere hinspeichern yes, semi-professional Cams're limited to stereo, I demfall of 3 channels in 1 Mixxer (by any device) and then via XLR-IN in the Camera?


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Although many offer Aufnahemformate four audio tracks, are - as far as I know - fed into the cameras usually two Audi signals.

If you more (radio) microphones have, you need either a sound mixer, or take on with more cameras. In an interview situation one has ever two cameras in use. Then you could add is, four independent mono channels.

Principle applies to radio: For each channel you need a receiver.

What exactly did you do?


Antwort von aight8:

Before I have nothing, I was only interested.

Zz I have a NTG-1 mounted on my XH A1.

I wonder what the limits are hereby and in a nightlife environment to some extent can capture the sound of the protagonists.

And I've thought s.Funkstrecken containing achieve in how far this would be a better result. Or a boom ..


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