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Frage von curbgrinder:

Hello you,

the title sounds a little silly and just as "we had a thousand times," but I did not know how to put it another and I have been synonymous perused the other reviews here, but some questions are still open to me still, I hope that I ask nothing here twice ... ;-)

I'm just about to ask me to a new PC for the full-HD DV editing together, which so far looks as follows:

Core i7 920
8 GB DDR 3 1333
2xWestern Black Digital 750 GB
Geforce GTS 250 or ATI HD 5770

An editing program I have not yet chosen, but I think about CS5 premiere because I was working with a previous version already good.

Now come my questions:

1st The hard drive I would like to operate in RAID 1, but as I have no experience with RAID, I've wanted to ask if I need a software or hardware Raidcontroller? And is a RAID 1 fast enough for HD editing?

2nd When I look at Premiere CS would buy five, it makes sense to me one of these graphics cards to buy? CS5 is indeed the Mercury engine and can use GPU, the Adobe Page I find the following graphics cards:
# Quadro FX 5800
# Quadro FX 4800
# Quadro FX 3800
# GeForce GTX 285

Are these the only ones with which I can use the engine? And others are graphics cards with GPU support anyway? Or not?

I have argued many times thanks for your help
and best wishes!



Antwort von roschabe:


I'm just about synonymous me put together a new system and have come across one quite like this combination and the same questions.
I too want to get the CS5 and play synonymous with the idea to buy a Nvidia GTX 285th
Strangely, this is but since yesterday, from Adobe's list of supported graphics cards disappeared! I would be interested why!

Did my potential configuration once attached.

Would love to hear your opinion it! Would be great! :-)

Schonmal Thanks!



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