Infoseite // Notebook as a replacement for the video mixer for live broadcast?

Frage von MyKey0815:

I would like to inform s.dieser point as to whether the following scenario is possible in principle and whether someone has already gained experience and know that appropriate software:

I want to drive on a smaller Ferihegy a projector. In front of the stage area to 3 cameras (camcorders in the consumer area) be set up to allow different perspectives. In the technology area, a notebook, the images of the 3 cameras and another laptop with Power Point can be used as "input" feature. The notebook is all 4 sources (3 camera images and the power points), and a preview of the current synonymous Projector Image show - that is a very "normal 4 channel video mixer."

To transfer all the image sources to the technical area, a LAN connection would be found (for camcorder would be connected via FireWire or USB Notebook s.ein s.jeweiligen location)

I would like of you know if something was ever implemented and what to pay attention and how and where to get the "software mixer" is harsh.


Antwort von carstenkurz:

There are a few software systems for these modes of production, but are not quite cheap and have some systemic problems, of course, synonymous - parallel connection of multiple video sources, throughput, etc.
And they cost.

On the Mac is, for example, the very comfortable BoinxTV

For Windows, look here again:

Their live mixer is quite potent. Synonymous but in vain. Call for times.

I do not think that the approach will work with upstream Notebooks and streaming.

Something to do today synonymous with a measly Edirol video mixer or data and analog video. FireWire over long distances but is now synonymous already affordable, but causes s.Mischer significantly higher costs and is often not worth the effort high. Sooo bad CVBS / S-Video is not from a good camera.
But such a solution is much safer to use. With such a streaming solution you can zerhageln hakelnde a single component from working. And the picture quality is the required real-time codec is not synonymous with better than analog video.

On which routes you need for wiring the cameras there?

- Carsten


Antwort von newsart:

We make frequent use and the like while the SONY Anycast. Problem with all other known to me notebook solutions: If you back a live-Picture spend beamer s.der stage, delays fall through the software mixer (Delay) on. The Anycast has a delay, which is very low (few ms).


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