Infoseite // Offered for Lau song:) (for example, anti-war video)

Frage von M-Kult:

Dear Film and Video Friends,

I have a track that has been on my plate slumbers.
I've occasionally considered it themself, because I had not yet had so much planned, as it is today.
But since the whole thing worthwhile is synonymous, I would be happy that he used synonymous.

I've already thought of me back then that it is a great track for an anti-war video would be. So if someone has such videos / films for which could possibly be interesting.

The only thing I ask is mention in the credits of the film / video and the finished product on DVD, or the whole thing in full quality. (Of me, synonymous for download).

Of course, synonymous here again, only for non-commercial use.

Otherwise you can have a license synonymous entertained.

Here is the Track:


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Very cool!

I show the daily FastArt times maybe he wants to paint something for the next Speed Draw Video or so ...... meld me but still with Thee.

Question, as do plate with HHD or LP, you ne press? That would be geilst!

B. DeKid


Antwort von M-Kult:

Be Moin,

thank you for the flowers.
HDD, sry - I'm not really a vinyl freak:)

ps can this "speeddrawen" Look somewhere?
because I can only imagine what anything.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Sure give times in youtube Draw
Greets DeKid B.

PS. If in 2 weeks NEN few new videos, which were only just 4 Fun after his cheery damp evening emerged so please do not critique s.der Machart ;-) Here you s.Pics mal ne Choice of FastArt


Antwort von M-Kult:

So, now two more links to 2 other tracks.


For any questions please e-mail address in my profile to use, thank you:)

Have fun, good entertainment and best greetings

Here, too, were re-built Störsounds, synonymous please wegdenken. ;)

@ Be - yes, I angeguckt me, I find not bad. Times I would be interested in what your colleague to my music paints:)


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