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Umfrage - Videobearbeitungssoftware für Einsteiger & Fortgechrittene

Poll - Video Editing Software for Beginners & Fortgechrittene

Frage von fidibus:
Oktober 2006

Context: Beginner

Camcorder: Panasonic GS300

Antwort von ycuAibla:

I recommend Magix würd dir. Thus I have before I started my Premiere Pro 2.0 increased hab.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


synonymous if it often means that Premiere is not recommended starters: I am a different opinion, and think that one looks at a few tutorials, read the manual and looking beyond eg google it and learned a good cut. Anyone who starts with Pinnacle, the strange transitions in Premiere synonymous soon and looking for filters and plugins to ask the video cheesy and cheap leave! Premiere also works with After Effects, Photoshop, Encore, etc. (almost) perfectly.

But it is of course synonymous always depends on what cut you want! If you are not so important, professional results, and you want to just cut your vacation videos, you can of course use the program Magix!
Write us to simplify what you exactly did!

Many greetings

Antwort von steveb:

"fidibus" wrote:
Context: Beginner

Camcorder: Panasonic GS300

Context: drivers
What Car?

Antwort von fidibus:


following objectives:

s.da insertion but yes a lot of time and Ernergie claimed, I would not be possible, of a program jump to the next - and the whole should be fairly well with the Panasonic GS300 work

b) small video clips to create and edit vacation videos and cut with safety are the beginning - this with a few Schnick Schnack for the site to prepare the next step - everything else must be seen



Antwort von prem:

Well, if you only want to cut a bit of tuts Magix synonymous, and also it costs only between 50 and 100 euros.

Premiere costs 1000 euros, so it makes a difference.

Antwort von fidibus:


if the first step Adobe, I would in any case in Premiere Elements 3.0 invest - then the difference would be negligible from the price to the competitive products and I could if I really had fun s.Adobe still on the Pro version change. The deal with Adobe learned would not be for a ton.

But it seems to be that synonymous Magix probably a pretty good evaluation for the users and has certainly deserves a chance

It is always the question of content - and you need to use (s) is always the Porsche or Mercedes or is not synonymous with the Audi or BMW very well

The first consideration for a purchase of SonySR1 has so after a few days synonymous in a correct purchase a Panasonic GS300 transforms - synonymous Score your responses

Also, it remains an exciting

Greetings and thank you for more tips


PS: Where can I actually test software of Magix Video Deluxe 2007 PLUS download?

Antwort von ibigtitsmember:

"Anonymous" wrote:
I recommend Magix würd dir. Thus I have before I started my Premiere Pro 2.0 increased hab.

Antwort von Dongball:

Well, I have with most programs have not yet mentioned (much) worked, but I still would you suggest Premiere Elements.

First, it cost synonymous only 100 Euro (or even cheaper) and if you ever to large Pro upgrade, then the surface and Handling is not entirely unfamiliar, as many menus, shortcuts & Co synonymous with the Elements version used.

Antwort von ibigtitsmember:

Hello Dongball,

this is an argument that was synonymous in my reflections a high priority. has

It is based on a decision premiere element versus Magix tantamount



Antwort von wolfgang:

There are users who have problems with Magix.

There are users who have problems with Pinnacle.

There are users who have problems with Ulead.

There are users who have problems with Sony.

There are users who have problems with Adobe.

There are users who have problems with Canopus.


the list is (almost) as long fortsetzbar. And perhaps differences - with some editing programs may have more users than with other problems. But even that is hard to objectify - due to different degrees of proliferation of various NLEs.

Basically, if you want to do much worthwhile in the long run the more professional products. If you want to learn quickly, little time and little money to spend - then maybe more entrants products. There were more the products listed entrants - are synonymous probably correct. But is it really so? The fact that only you can judge synonymous.

Try out the software itself, check whether they are stable when you ring, and whether they can do what you want.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


So you're saying you just want to cut holiday videos, perhaps later synonymous professional (?) and no change so often. The sole reason I would recommend Adobe Premiere Dir. Also, the 6.5er version is good and you can quickly jump to Pro. Maybe help you synonymous demo versions that you should watch: As already written above, everyone works in some programs better than others!
(I'm ready, I look at the newest version Magix chart.)

So do not synonymous when it comes at the moment is the better option is, of Magix in a few months or years on Premiere change.
With Premiere, you have the possibilities of Magix, Magix, but not with the premiere of. That's why you can not synonymous with the choice of the initial car compare (... my opinion!)

If the choice would be Avid, Premiere and any Mac program, then it would be a more detailed discussion ;-)

Many dear greetings
PS: I note with Mercedes Audi now equal. Synonymous if not decisive: The A6 apropos currently has the largest trunk for a soda ... ;-)

Antwort von fidibus:


I've decided and Magix Video Deluxe 2007 Pros ordered!

Below are some reflections of mine:

s.Ich find the program quite tidy (test installation 2006/2007)

b) It is quite sensible of the velocity

c) There are many forums on Magix - you do not read much negative

d) It will keep very good reviews in the tests

e) The Magix Pro version has, in my amateur assessment already a lot to offer

e) It has, in my view, synonymous the best price / performance ratio

The probability that in the next few years to Premiere Pro & After Effects switch (I had first assessed differently), but is very low. Because the entry-level programs have already a very large variety of functions. Until you have first exhausted, it is clear that one or the other project in the editing

The last kick is synonymous to me the report in the latest computer video 6 / 2006 concerning Premiere Elements version 3.0 and where the claim that I am not now nor weeks, wanted to test different programs, but I concentrate on one

In the Worstcase Liese 2007 Version Magix again without great loss of sale on Ebay.

Greetings and many thanks for your help and tips


PS: And I am convinced that the real understanding of the basic video editing and Fachchinesich of the most important point. Those who somewhat strapped, you can probably with every product produce very good results - no preference whether program 1 or 2 or N

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