Infoseite // Premiere CS3: Video Track (3) makes problems - removed Audio Track (1)?

Frage von HitschlerGummi:

It is probably just a little beginner's mistake but I've added a video track 3 and supports this with a clip that is exactly the same as clip on video track 1.

I would now like to make a kind of distortion / blur, only every time I now share the clip and this move something goes exactly with the audio track 1, or is removed?

Where the problem may be that the newly added video track 3, the audio track one affected?


Antwort von AxelM:

any of the audio portion is inserted from the clip on video track 3 on the first audio track?

Another possibility would be to block while processing the audio track.



Antwort von Debonnaire:

Premiere fills always the next still / again free audio track with the sound on any one video track eingefügtgen Clips'. Unfortunately, so often run the track numbers of video and audio not in parallel, which can lead to such Verwirrnissen.

Must click on the video track of a clip 'and look at what audio track is now highlighted in the bottom half. This is the audio to the video and this audio is then cut or synonymous changes when you do something on video. You can then rearrange this course manual and so synonymous Video and audio bring the same track numbers if that would be an important!


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