Infoseite // Promising: Video vs. DSLR. Camcorder?

Frage von JakobAG:


Short question: What do you think about the video DSLRs in terms of the future in the amateur film industry? Will make this kind or that way video 's or "films" as a sub in the area of video makers to establish or is that just a short straw fire which too many are not because of invisible handicaps proven? Is it wiser to invest in your camcorder?

I ask this because I think some time on an answer - have namely the budget, I buy a camera (to shoot short films)'m not and anyone who invests just under 3000 ¬ careless or thoughtless in the next best technical solution - will but now synonymous hear no tips or recommendations, but rather your thoughts on this question, simply because thinking together can often be inspiring!

Looking forward to your always interesting posts! If there are fundamental questions and misunderstandings - please simply post a question and not just from the worse-case go! ;)



Antwort von Bernd E.:

You are already reading initial comments that assume that it is safe after the appearance of SonyNEX-VG10 (and soon landed a series of similar camcorder) a lot of video DSLRs on ebay. Whether this is such a mass movement, probably remains to be seen, but in principle, something is happening: Currently, it is extremely in fashion - sometimes synonymous with no sense - with possible tiny depth of field to shoot, what with VDSLRs easier way than with the previously used will 35mm adapters. For this effect took / take the synonymous operating handicap of these times now primarily on photographs designed cameras in Purchase. But soon you get the larger sensors (4 / 3, APS or what always synonymous) in "real" camcorder with the familiar handling, then I'm going assume that the market will change.
The lower the entry-level would probably continue the DSLRs like the EOS 550D to be left, but it will be to look at first for new purchases camcorders. The VG10 is only the beginning, and more professional models will follow - with all the features you missed in a DSLR before. In the medium to long term stay video DSLRs probably really a footnote to the history of camera - if synonymous one, which has a difference.


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