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Frage von mtemp:

[am not sure if I am lifted in this forum "postproduction right." but as a subcategory has been synonymous called capturing. times so I hope ...]


someone knows a Windows or OS X - Program, with which videos can be recorded directly on a Calculator, s.dem via firewire (for MiniDV -) camcorder is connected?
The recording format should not be here and getting PAL DV, but at a lower resolution (eg 640x80) and encoded as h.264 (video analysis s.Calculator).

Sent would be a solution that does not encode the video recording only in hindsight, but at the same time or almost real time as possible with each of the approximately 1-hour recordings. So that multiple images can be performed in succession without a (significant) delay.

"Counterexample" Windows Movie Maker, at least as WMV Studio: After recording, it takes quite a while, of course, depends on the chosen setting is saved until the video (as WMV) and could thus start the next recording.

I'm receptive to any tip:)



Antwort von beiti:

In the original DV format that works with any editing program.

All other formats are, if the conversion must take place in real time, a matter of computing power.
For H.264, I see black, even in low Resolutionund with a quick calculator.
Synonymous with MPEG2 or DIVX it can work, if the Qualitätsanfoprderungen are not so high (something like 2-pass, of course, is not on principle). One specific recommendation software I have now but not at hand.


Antwort von mtemp:

Thanks for your answer.
Have now just with the movie), maker (as the lowest common denominator is a more than 1-hour DV PAL - Recording made s.einem see older laptop - to see if this leads to some problems.
Not likely. So now if I were to take this solution, it would - in a series of shots back to back - of course, according to a lot of space available ext (maybe yes. Harddrive, but my confidence regarding this. In USB hard disks is not very large). At the end of the day could be yes, these videos via a batch process to convert into the target format and delete the original data again. Then, of course, computationally intensive, it would probably happen over night.

Optimal for our purposes would be saying, like a camcorder does not record on tape and perhaps synonymous resolutions smaller than MPEG-2 etc. offers that would be quite sufficient for us, so that no conversion should take place here synonymous. But unfortunately not available. Although I have no problem to replace the MiniDV camcorder against a corresponding model;)


Antwort von beiti:

The software supplied with some of analogue video capture cards or boxes to store the recorded signal in real-time MPEG2. At least on this analog circuit could work out also.

But I would be surprised if they did not find a software that creates the same thing with a DV input signal.

EDIT: Have just seen that there is an option in Pinnacle Studio, capture DV signal directly to MPEG1 / 2. However, one should find out whether it really is in real time, or whether there is only one encoding is synonymous downstream.


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