Infoseite // Recording during demolition (video card)

Frage von schnickers:


hab mir Adobe premiere element 7 increased.
Dubbing from Hi8 Canon camera on a video card (Canopus ACEDVio) on the hard drive, always cut from the recording. Time at 3 min .. times for 9 min .. times at 20 min, etc. (s.der is certainly not hard drive space)

If the error vllt known?

Use XP Service Pack 3 and dual-core (2x2, 4 GHz) and 2 GB of RAM

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Kabelträger:

Gibts ne error message?
Get ready with Sysinternals nachgeschaut what happens in the file?

Greetings, Flo


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Could it be interference in Sychronsignal for the termination? Is it possible to adjust the software somewhere that does not abort on errors made, but weitergecaptured?


Antwort von WeiZen:

A Canon Hi8 or Digital8 a Hi8 tape playing?
The sync signals of the old Hi8 tapes are sort of bad, at least of my Sony. If they are, however, of a Digital8 Camera abgepielt digitized and thus, the excellent work.
If the demolition with picture problems goes hand in hand, watching me, it is.
For best results when you reach Hi8 by capturing with a Digital8 camera. Time looking at eBay. But beware, not jde Digital8 analog Hi8 camera can abbspielen.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

In the case of mieserablen sync pulses would need to use a TBC seriously considered.


Antwort von schnickers:

Hi folks,

Many thanks for your reply.

The breaks are not always receptive s.der same starting point,
This means that I will start the recording again and in front of the demolition is not like before zb at 3:12 but at 10:56, the next time at 20:30 then again at 5:12 or so.

to cable carrier: Nee, an error will not.

to thos-berlin: It is so synonymous with the error next record.

to Wheat: The tapes are with my Canon Camera Hi8 played, then on a "cut ACEDVio Canopus card" with Adobe premiere element 7 included.

Has yet to say the synonymous individual scenes are not recognized, no such preference is set.

I used to do (about 2 years ago) ever Hi8 tapes on an older "cut Pinnacle card" with "9 or 10 Pinnacle Software" added, edited and burned to DVD, all wonderful, except for the quality.

Is this perhaps s.der software?

My old Pinnacle, I have no more.

What you advise me how it goes s.besten, yet have about 14 tapes to edit



Antwort von WeiZen:

That is so. An analog tape always behaves differently.
After repeated reading to get almost everything.
The best result with Hi8 tapes, but you'll get with Digital8, believe me. The one or the other place you have to try twice although synonymous, but usually goes once, because the error does not change. But the capture runs through is synonymous equal and thus digitally via firewire.
Scene separation does not exist, the tapes have no Time Stamp.
If you need an example, send me a tape and a hard drive and get it as MS DV AVI to hard drive back.


Antwort von schnickers:

Thank you friends

Sign me again until then



Antwort von schnickers:

Hi friends,

I have another 130, - ¬ and invests
"Pinnacle 12 Ultimate" worried.

Hi8 tape with Hi8 Kammera abgesp. on average with card
Pinnacle recorded.

No more demolition in the Recording and scenes were synonymous
90% detected.

Quality is synonymous gut.

Thanks again s.alle

ciao ciao



Antwort von Hogar:


it may be synonymous s.Servicepack 3 are.
Since I've installed it, I can no longer ACEDVIO properly. All hacks ever. I had only my system re-install with Service Pack 2, then it went again. This may be due, which makes it a problem with Firewire, after installation of SP3. Since there are already synonymous in the Web forum posts due to some external hard disks and Firewire problems after SP3.



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