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Frage von Dusty80:


Have a Green Screen Recording a little shading on
upper corner, which I would like to remove.
With the Crop option will not do, because the
I already need to trim the size of the green screen.

Have then searched for hours, if possible.


- Paint over the painting studio in the corner with green color
failed to make s.unsichtbar

- Two Zuschneid framework defined
Does not synonymous, for the use in this way can not be double

The only way that I can still see:

[List] 1 the original Green Screen Picture take in the painting studio green paint over the edges
2nd finish the video and create a new video of it
3rd then this reinziehen in a new Project
4th Green Screen now apply to this video [/ list: u: be29e9ef6d]

Apart from the high cost but I would so definitely a huge
Quality loss, since the video is compressed twice.
DV is synonymous yes I know a little compression.

Does anyone have an idea of how to solve this?

Would you be very grateful.




Antwort von Hans-Joachim:

Hi Dusty,

maybe this way is possible:
as a template create a Stillimage of the video with shadow. This import editing in an image. A Picture produce that has the desired area in the shadow of green color, the rest remains empty. The Picture save as *. PNG.

Picture this in VS then insert into a higher video track, make everything but the green color transparent with the help of Chroma Keys.

From this you could now create a new video. I see it correctly, is that the original DV-AVI? Then you could also use this video for DV-AVI, as the losses should be minimal.

This would be the new video, which you can continue to work with.

This method is similar to your "method of painting," but probably more effective. The compression losses should be negligible.


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