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Frage von Freund der Nacht:

I recorded on a mini DV tape and the same with 2 different cameras, one with sound 48.000HZ and 16bit, the other with 32.000Hz and 12-bit via Firewire ... played on the calculator and it now wants to import it into Vegas.

Since the files are several MB large it makes me a proxy renderer or so, taking me to say that he had abrrechen s.einer place.
-> Sound is there only to camera changes.

Can I do that by setting in Vegas that he accepts both types of sound or do I render the entire file "on a sound level"?
If so with what lossless codec?

Thank you.


Antwort von Marco:

Enable Automatic scene separation and care manual to ensure that the signals are separately loaded with different sound qualities. A (same), DV-AVI file can not contain 2 different sound formats.



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