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Frage von Bijan:

Hello everyone!
I am in a small team that makes the primary video productions about local and amateur sport. For the most part we do reports on football matches, which are simultaneously recorded with multiple cameras. Thus, the reports will be completed as quickly as possible, the video tape (mini DV - Pal - Standard Definition, AVI files) recorded simultaneously with the VCR JVC BR DV 3000 and SonyHVR M 25 via firewire into the Calculator on different hard disks. In addition, I use different editing software, namely Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4 and Corel VideoStudio Pro X 2 tudio Sliced And of course the reports are done with Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4, which I use very much like the multi-camera function.

Now I ask myself one more Viedeorekorder purchase (the SonyHVR M to capture zeitglich 10) by 3 videotapes. The calculator would absorb the without further ado, here is the CPU utilization at approximately 27%. I have to play a small mini DV camera as the 3rd Device connected via Firewire s.den Calculator parallel import by 3 videotapes. As 3rd Program, I first Nero 8, then Magix Video Deluxe 16 (test version) used. This works quite well so far, but I can not be separated the individual scenes, because the contents of the video tape will always be recorded as a file.

Does anybody know if there is a program with which you video footage from DV tape to import via firewire, which with the two other editing programs (Corel VideoStudio Pro X2 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4) tolerate and where one of the scenes during the recording and can automatically disconnect vioneinander as individual files can be saved on hard drive?

I thank you very much for your answers!

Greeting Bijan


Antwort von thos-berlin:

It sounds as though you were working with analog cameras and recorders for recording the distributor be used undgleichzeitiegen Convert to DA or the DVs are so far away from the PC that is not a DV cable (in which case even once thought about repeaters?).

Question, but at times by Suh-EDP in Oldenburg. They have a multi-capture program, in the offer that reads multiple DV streams (without programs). A slightly more expensive option is synonymous share during the same recording marker. Would be interesting for you, though "Tor 1:1" and "red card back number 3 would be recorded Muller. However, would be an added "editor" is necessary.

I do not see the sense of a scene separation. When it comes to work, to have multiple files, so you can s.einer already s.Schnitt, while the other is still running? It is not then sufficient to have separated the halves?

Otherwise, the waäre meaningless, since

Would 1.) No program without nennesnwerte Bildverränderungen separation

2.) The use of different synonymous untgerschiedlicher Programs "separation strategy" would be used. As a result, no simultaneous separation of different sources were present, which should bring in my view, then the average of more work than benefit.


Antwort von Bijan:

Thos Hello!
Thank you for your answer! I do not work with analog cameras but with digital cameras, write down the synonymous, a digital signal to DV tape - DV-Pal normel quite precisely (AVI) files. Because of the Suh-IT software from Oldenburg times I've asked myself. This is basically not bad, but not exactly synonymous with 1200 ¬ a bargain! And then I cut anyway synonymous with Premiere, I really need the whole thing around it, since I can rename the files in Premiere and sort synonymous.
The sense of separation is the scene that I can advance all the files erstmal better sort. All Insertbilder (ie seperieren shots of spectators, training, etc.) may differ from the actual game action, and therefore synonymous always have available.
I also plan to end the month to make a contribution of the indoor Stadtmeisterschaften to be played in which 2 times 10 minutes per game. The hot, you can hold 2 full games on a tape. What would it would be a tedious job if all the games vorhandne only as a file?

But for Wild life observation, suggestions or ideas, I am always grateful natürlicuh!

LG Bijan


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