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I have foolishly Sonygekauft a DVD-Cam of what I know now ...

I've been here myself well read and know the problems with this camcorder.

Still, I can not edit the movies somehow still s.PC? I have Magix Delux.

If I rename the VOB files to mpg, Magix can not read it. Can I change something because s.Programm?

I have DVD Shrink with the mini-DVD geshrinkt ... Since the MAGIX can not deal with anyway, my question would be whether there is an inexpensive good mpg average program that can be renamed VOB files to edit.

And no, I can convert the DVD-Dam no longer:)

Thanks for the answers



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Matthias,

since you've obviously bad cards, for a simple and cheap solution may not exist. The following articles you certainly know already, if you have you seen with the search function posts with the keyword "DVD camcorder ...

Cut " DVD "? Is that possible?
" Capture with SonyDCR-DVD203E possible?


Antwort von Mr.Miller:

Hi Mark,

For me I have a workable solution to the problem found. So .... I copy the movie file of the camcorder via the supplied software and USB cable on my hard drive.

Here it is then present in an mpg file. However, I could not edit it.

This mpg file, I encode it with the program TMPGE (?) Again mpg on the format.

The end of the song is that I can edit the mpg file in MAGIX. Funzt really is (thankfully)!

I'm on this field, the absolute NOOB ..... nevertheless hope that you understand what I mean ...:)

Thank you for your reply



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Matthias,

The video compression on the DVD is MPEG2. MPEG format into which you walk to the recordings? MPEG1 Under circumstances? Here is the full video frame size (720 × 576 pixels retained)?


Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

I was on leave and the next few weeks I'll even have time to try to take different Programs. According VideoAktivDigital want it but with Magix 2005, but only go with a Finalizierten DVD. (The question is only in VR or Video mode - I tip) rather VR

Synonymous, I shall withdraw some false statements, even though the DVD camcorder cut is extremely sensitive and nobody really knowing. My husband said that Sony customers to stop buying the 203 and the 403 and the original program (auto editing program) to take, any of Kompatiblitätslisten's Sonynicht.

Here's a few first steps:




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