Infoseite // TV device to use as an external monitor with Vegas Video 6.0

Frage von Renegade:

Hi, I'm almost s.verzweifeln, I've ne & GeForce 800GT and would like to connect video out there on my TV set to display at Vegas Video 6.0, the preview on the TV. How does it work?



Antwort von Helmi2:

I think this is impossible.

If only I would have liked to know it is synonymous.
Use an ATI 1800XT with TV-Out. Currently, only two hang 20 "TFT on the map.



Antwort von Renegade:

but it is generally the case that you can use nen second monitor to display the Preview of Vegas Video 6.0 on this separately. Well I thought that it was no preference whether it gets a second monitor or a TV is. My graphics card has two DVI and an S-video output for TV.



Antwort von wolfgang:

When the 2 Screen in the Options / Preferences / Preview Device is detected under device, then you can the 2nd Monitor to use as a preview device.

With cards like the Matrox P750 can be set on the Drivers. However, synonymous with the ATI X700 Pro, which I use depends on the time - my TV synonymous s.dem svhs / componenten output.

No clue if this helps - but with the ATI X700 is that in my case:

- In the Catalyst Control Center to activate the additional display, with me in "main display extended to TV"

- The TV is raised with me by the drivers of the card as correct as 720x576, Farbqualtität High (32bit) and, interestingly, with 60 Hz (50 should probably be correct, but it is synonymous)

- If it's done, start in any case, Vegas 6 new

- Then go to Options / Preferences / Preview device - there should now be under Device "Windows Secondary Display" stand, and - importantly - among them "device connected".

- Under Display adapters up to me now "2-720x576 (60)" With Identify display can verify that the correct monitor responds Vegas.

- Under Display mode is for me "use current settings"

- Scale output to fit display can activate it - I would do it but not sooner.

- Apply deinterlace filter is ok - but the picture is likely anyway deinterlaced

- User color management - clear, if you have a quality control monitor hanging off, otherwise ists probably just a joke

- Be activated Important: recmopress frames must be edited.

This is confirmed with everything Ok.

If you play from now on the timeline in Vegas, yet, note the following:

- In the preview window, you have to switch to "preview on external monitor, the blue TV icon. Then follows the redirect. Internal and external at the same time, ATI is not for me, synonymous with the other cards do not actually really good.

- The quality s.externen TV is known about the quality of the preview window should be - so well on "Best (Full)" or at least "good (auto)" are available.

Get on - without, at the interen scaling (in the above settings), one needs "(Full)".

I hope this helps.

As a Vegas user you are, of course, synonymous like in Vegas forum meeting accepted as synonymous in the video!


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