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Drei Kameras zusammenschneiden - Sony Vegas

Three cameras Zusammenschneiden - Sony Vegas

Frage von JulianW:
Oktober 2009

Hi everybody,

I used the search, found nothing really meaningful (; synonymous with Google is not) and I would just ask what is the "ideal" method.

In essence: the imagery of zusammenzuschneiden three cameras ". The Basic timeline should remain so, and i will start one, sometimes have different camera. Say, three video tracks, as I now switch to it "phases" of one another on the Camera?

At the moment I would think video when envelopes are the best. But then I would have to either turn down all the videos and then heraufdrehen individually, or I'll have all the above and must then turn down again and again moderately things until I at the Camera / Video track bin, which I will have in the Picture.

Somehow it must still go synonymous easier I think. I have three video tracks that will be filmed with multiple cameras is not yet soooo seldom, it is not easy to define as the video tracks that I simply use the "main track", which is a Raumtotale in the background, creating a "bottom" video level the other two and turn off whenever I want to have another picture, turn on the other video track? Okay, granted ... These are Videohüllkurven. But to create the extra all alone ... That seems to me something much more work. Are there easier ways?

Another "add-on" question: When I created the three video tracks and wants to have a transition of two videos, but concerns the same two tracks, ... Here is an example, it is about a seminar:

Track 1 view of the stage / Close-Up Trainer
Track 2 View of the stage into the audience
Track 3 of the rear Raumtotale

Track 1 and Track two, I would have hidden, so you see the Raumtotale of the back. If I want a transition that should go Raumtotale of the close-up by the coach, then I would need a transition into the Raumtotale, install, and although the middle of the video track and insert the same transition in extreme close up again midway synonymous . And should still work together ... is there simple methods?

Love, Julian!

Antwort von B.DeKid:

http://www.google.ca/search?hl=de&source=hp&q=Multicam+editing+in+sony+vegas&aq=f&oq =

Da gibts doch ne lot on the subject

B. DeKid

Antwort von JulianW:

Hehe, if you do not know the technical terms, then we will stop nothing. "Multi Camera" I was not aware of.

In addition, I currently work with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum and not with Pro. "Multi Camera" even when the product is compared to the Vegas Page not with it, I've just used really long to find out that the feature is a pure pro. That's okay, the software is well worth buying, and now I finally have a reason, the Pro version. ;-)

Do you still have any idea how the with is the transition? Well, I should not become the child and install louder Transitions in the takes, it interests me only once more technically, is it possible to build a transition, not that there are two videos in a trace?

Oh, yes, there are definitely still a meaningful reason for the question:
If I have actually two different videos, each with its own on a track, I can then make a transition from one video to another?

Love, Julian!

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Unfortunately, I know how nich and whether this will work in Vegas.

Somebody here can determine a detailed answer ;-)

B. DeKid

PS: I almost only use English terms to search the web ;-)

Antwort von ruessel:

I've made a music project in Vegas 8 Pro with Multi-camera. This video tracks all merge into one, ie you can select the function keys with the current camera directly and in real time. There are auto cut edges with the blinds or effects may be provided as usual in Vegas.

Antwort von Marco:

"If I have actually two different videos, each with its own on a track, I can then make a transition from one video to another?"

Yes, pull the two videos will disappear once each at the same time and once displayed.

Ruessel, he uses movie studio, there's no multi-cam feature. There needs to be made of the conventional multi-camera editing.


Antwort von ruessel:

I just needed the right time to find out that this is a pure pro feature. That's okay, the software is well worth buying, and now I finally have a reason, the Pro version. ;-)

I just wanted to encourage to buy the Pro version ;-)

Antwort von JulianW:

From the "all-software-Somewhere Copy merge-age" I am now out. I think Vegas for an excellent software and the movie studio versions are, if you disregard the ludicrous time of naming, which can hardly be seen is what is the "vollversion," a very fair pricing.

By Movie Studio, I work about a year, every now and then a little, very pleased. So that fits even with the full version ... I would have used them before, I would have already bought. So far, it would have been only the Titler, who had me interested, and for me it was $ 500 too much. I would rather be stuck in Heraglyph.

For three cameras to Zusammenschneiden ... I see absolutely that the function is a professional and whenever I look at Premiere ... ne, the price is okay (of Vegas, I mean).

Who incidentally, still plays with the idea s.Vegas, here's a Preistip: Who ordered online and at first (!) Movie Studio is the cheapest option to buy an update of the price considerably (!) Is cheaper than if it directly Vegas Pro buys.

So no question of me because I do not have to "conventional" multi-cam editing. Fortunately, you can download at Vegas Purchased Software synonymous equal ... should therefore be no problem.

I'm just waiting until everything is bildmaterial dubbed. Phew ... four tapes per camera, one hour, it takes so long really.

Thanks to tips for the transition. Only two videos on two different tracks, because I like the solution is not so real. This is somewhat unclean solution to superimpose two transitions at precisely if there are any objects with at, then that's probably quite a lint-working and hard, there's something to it to change, without fluff again forever.

Well ... was more a theoretical question, because I still do not need it. Since only wanted to know where the boundaries are. Transitions that can be fitted Takes schonmal I find beautiful, although it probably does not belong there. ;-)

Thank you everybody!

Love, Julian!

PS: If anyone of you feels like to take time (for good) Seminar and edit Videotechnisch, just write to me once.

Antwort von Marco:

In Movie Studio is the way - just like in Vegas Pro - Takes to work with, ie an Mehrkameraschnitt in excess of two cameras, noticeably simplified and speeded up.

The various "Select cameras" just to add with the right mouse button into one single track and in the overlapping right-click menu when recording.
Between the different cameras can be easy with the button-down T and is switched back and be normal cut (by S button).
This superfluous detours, such as synonymous fading across multiple tracks.


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