Infoseite // Unknown error when burning a DVD created with Movie Maker

Frage von david freund:

can you please help me ????????
So did the problem,,,, I've created a movie and I have the pictures with music and efekt deposited (with Windows Movie Maker)-Vista Home Premium is everything ran super-geh then burn to DVD --- but then all of the data film created in Windows DVD Maker and I should be there my main menu of the DVD can be, everything tip top,,,, then go to DVD and burn the computer then goes to about 4% (writes Coding ),,,, then the error message - unknown error - GET THE RIGHT AND WHITE NET KRIES MORE MORE,,,, hope you can help me,,,, Thanks


Antwort von hutter:

Hi David

I'm synonymous with your problem s.umherschlagen said ...

Have you already discovered solutions?

Gruess Hutter


Antwort von Eva Maier:

Did not God Movie Maker, or MovieVerbrenner, but if it is possible, you should only write an image and the image then burn. - Each case is secure.

/ (E


Antwort von cutaway:


in the latest computer-building instructions, a DVD burn with Vista.
Maybe helps you das




Antwort von larry1992:

hello david freund,
have exactly the same problem that you've described synonymous.
after approximately 5% encode additional window appears "unknown error - create dvd is not possible."
did you solve the problem?
would you for an answer very grateful.



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