Infoseite // Video / TV standard in France - PAL or NTSC?

Frage von Fr0stbeule:


I would like a Panasonic camcorder in France order.
English menu so the world should support all devices.

Now I just do not ... French take the camcorder models in PAL or NTSC on?

SECAM is s.Aussterben and SECAM digital camcorder to my knowledge there is not, right?


Antwort von beiti:

Digital Camcorder French firms in 576 lines and 50 Hertz to - just like the German. The images themselves are identical. Differences exist even if all the composite output, the devices could be in French or for Secam television designed.

The designations PAL and NTSC are officially only for the analog TV standards. In connection with digital formats, they are only a popular simplification for 576 lines with 50Hz or 60Hz with 480 lines. So there is aufnahmeseitig in SD area only these two variants. Or in other words, PAL and Secam in digital form are identical, just like NTSC and PAL-M (Brazil).

Funnily enough, sometimes we read PAL / NTSC in the description of HD camcorders. Since there are synonymous, the distinction in 50Hz (Europe) and 60 Hz (North America, Japan), but with PAL and NTSC has nothing else to do more. If anything, if an HD camcorder also has the SD outputs (for users who do not yet have HD-Ready Television have), could make the 50-Hz PAL device output and the 60-Hz device NTSC output make.


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Fr0stbeule" wrote: SECAM digital camcorder to my knowledge there is not, right?
Secam is in home video equipment with VHS extinct. S-VHS, Video8/Hi8 and then everything is PAL or 625/50, ditto DVD.


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