Infoseite // Video 8 on firewire on PC hard drive with subsequent processing

Frage von pingo21:

Hi Forum,
I work successfully on Mini DV on firewire hard drive and then edit with Magix Video de Luxe aud DVD respectable shooting!
Now I have a lot of Video 8 tapes from the old days around unbearbeitet synonymous and would like to shoot process.
As Abspugerät I would have my old Video 8 Camera of Canon - Canovision A 10 with video and audio jack connector.
1. Is available via firewire transfer possible?
Specifies a cable connection jack of your camcorder to firewire?
2. If this path is not possible, what reliable hardware and software is needed?

Thanks for your help and support
Gruß - Jörg


Antwort von Quadruplex:

The default link: Six ways to Video8/Hi8 to digitizer.


Antwort von pingo21:

"Quadruplex" wrote: The default link: Six ways to Video8/Hi8 to digitizer.

Thanks for the hint, had learned a lot and will take into account the guidance synonymous.

--- Gruß Jörg


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