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Frage von pele70:

I am neuim field of video editing. Therefore, I have some questions and hope, you can help!
Kurz is a short description of what I intend:
I want to. Mov edit videos of my Canon 550D as possible without loss of quality and look after not only s.PC but synonymous s.TV. Here, of course, synonymous with the best possible quality.
Since I do not PC-and Mac-User, am I need a software that can. Mov format process.
The proggie should therefore work. Mov files and they can bring in the best possible quality on DVD, or convert to good quality in other file formats.

Have it working tried Premiere Elements and am from handling her very happy. However, I can irretiert that when I save a finished project (called rendering, I believe, right?) a maximum Resolutionvon 720x480 (avi format) select. Since I have many films but with a Resolutionvon 1920 x 1088 (Canon 550D) record, but that means a big loss of quality, right? That would be for me the criterion for co-premiere element. But maybe someone can disabuse me ...?

Magix Movie Edit Pro 16 plus, I have already tried synonymous and synonymous was quite satisfied.

Price I expected about 100 ¬ for an application. What can you recommend her?

So, thanks for your help and best regards


Antwort von Marco:

For example


Antwort von markusG:

Hi Pele,

avi is just the container, maybe you can simply choose NEN different codec with which it is then, eg DivX or H.264 (must re-install it if necessary - I know not of what is already in the element). Idr. ma is about "options" or something in the choice of the codec, which puts it in the avi.



Antwort von pele70:

Quote: maybe you can simply choose NEN different codec with which it is then,
Avi chose because it had the highest Resolutionbietet. Somehow, can not it be ...!?


Antwort von markusG:

You may have to choose what to use for a codec - avi is just the "packaging". This is often an additional menu. Since I do not have the program you have to look for simple times


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