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Frage von hasemahasch:


I'm really dolle s.verzweifeln. I am a normal pal video with my ati x1900xt to capture. When I try this via composite, I have a totally destroyed Picture. I try this by s-video picture is stable. Only problem is that my device of which I want to capture (Playstation2) is not s-video output but has only a composite. If I s.meinem other current test, which is composite and s-video s.die Graffikkarte dominated both simultaneously send I get a good picture. With Windows Movie Maker (I have tried many other software) I have the choice between "composed" and "s-video". If I choose I get zusammengetzt thus two sources of signal. I prefer one of the cable is out again Broken Picture (of course). Through these many attempts I was able, however, exclude that of hardware is not broken but only the composite input somehow is not separately adjust. But actually have the card that can. Many programs I have already downloaded where the composite input alone was selected, but it never came true ... Picture #

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance




Antwort von der_kleine_techniker:

According to the manual page has the PlayStation2 playstation quite an s-video.

The output port of the playstation called AV MULTI OUT and can be more than Composite.

Please read the manual, since it is clear that cable needed to cover one or the other result.

* jackson *


Antwort von SToe:

But I only have this one cable for the PS2, which is on the av-multi-out goes. There will only be out of this composite. I tried this so synonymous with our satellite receiver and got no results. I wanted to be synonymous not umbedingt extra to buy something new ... And to an s-video signal to get me I would have of the av-multi out connector A WITH s-video buy ... But it MUST be expensive actually synonymous than a normal composite go ...

My guess is that vlt something with the drivers is not true (as I have already synonymous much rumprobiert)
The graphics card will not somehow the composite input separately using ...


Antwort von Markus:

A graphics card is synonymous not a tool for such an application. Do you know perhaps someone in your relatives, friends or acquaintances, a camcorder with AV input and A / D converter function or even a separate A / D converter and has to borrow the equipment you would?

Otherwise, one would be synonymous


Antwort von Nelli:

hmm yes there already know what. but the device would then no longer want to give back ^ ^. najo pity that it otherwise would not go ...

but thank




Antwort von Markus:

"hasemahasch" wrote: but the device would then no longer want to give back ^ ^.
In this case you could have a synonymous Purchase thinking. If you will not want to give back, that would be a sensible move. ;-)


Antwort von arnosworld:

I just meant that the use is nothing unique


Antwort von Markus:

Well worth a purchase but synonymous. * ts-ts *


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