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Frage von XyOMyX:

Hello :-)

How do I get a video signal in real time (ie, without intermediate storage on the hard drive) of my PC to the camcorder. I would like an instructional video that is ready for a software or video game record sequences.

I've been thinking that your camcorder s.The Vivo interface to connect the graphics card. Since my camcorder (Canon MV850i) according to manufacturer's specification has a DV in port, I thought to myself, I used the IR port.

Now I have learned that if you do have a firewire card required. Only it is not clear whether I can transfer this Card synonymous data from the PC directly (in real time) on the camcorder.

Or I must use detours may be a TV card?

For an explanation, I would be grateful :-)


Antwort von Markus:

Well, now you have listed almost all the roads that you do not have to walk through. ;-)

Look Videotutorial erstellen with Sound. Da werden einige Programs für diesen Einsatzbereich genannt.

Was das Fehlen der Firewire-Schnittstelle s.Deinem Calculator angeht, schau mal in diesen Beitrag: FireWire FAQ">to join in the post Videotutorial erstellen with Sound. Da werden einige Programs für diesen Einsatzbereich genannt.

Was das Fehlen der Firewire-Schnittstelle s.Deinem Calculator angeht, schau mal in diesen Beitrag: FireWire FAQ">camcorder / recorder s.PC and capture images. At the latest scenes of the game if you want to transfer your camcorder to the calculator is Firewire interesting. ;-)


Antwort von XyOMyX:

Hi Mark,

Many thanks for your reply.

That has a Firewire card for working here, I have already noticed, that I will do next week ;-)

My question was, however, the following:

How do I get the video signal in real time from the PC to the DV camcorder, and not from the camcorder to the PC.

I want to circumcise resonated mainly with video sequences from the camcorder and then edit them later on your PC.

Are there options?

Thank you very much


Antwort von XyOMyX:

mmhh ... No one has an info?

My graphics card one ViVo output (S-VHS and Composite (has no idea what is composite). Can one possibly connect to the camcorder?


Antwort von Stefan:

Can you see if the camcorder an analog (has input!) Video and if you s.Calculator from the video output rausbekommt a useful video.

Camcorder with analog video inputs are thin on the ground as a camcorder without analog video input. If you have a higher-priced model, the odds are better. Like what is to wire up, then stands in the manual. The DV-IN is not usable for these purposes.

The Picture from the game to create the video output from the calculator is a matter for the driver. Can there be restrictions on what resolutions (typical PC 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 ... typ Video: permits are only 720x576 or 768x576) or where something is cut off. If you manage your game look on the TV, then you have the correct settings.

The compound Camera - DV / Firewire - Calculator only do you need if you want to play later, the captured video with DV on the calculator and intercutting it or want to convert to DVD.

However, there are other solutions, such as direct wiring.

You can monitor output s.den a small, expensive boxes (Scanconverter) dranhängen and which then makes a transformation into a video signal. The advantage is that it does not rely on the graphics driver / graphics card. "What would go on the monitor, synonymous goes to video."

You can use synonymous software that runs concurrent to the game and who constantly grabs the screen and saves to a video file. But this goes to the computing speed, logo. A popular, free program even in this species is FRAPS.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Addendum: I just noticed that your Canon MV850i camcorder has an analog video input. An S-video input is not there, but a standard "that is, Composite video input.

Cameraseitig is probably) a 3.5 mm jack s.einem Cable s.dem s.anderen end, three RCA times are (white, red, yellow. The yellow times are for the video connection and would have with the video - Out of the graphics card connected. The other two cinch plugs for sound. Since you probably have an adapter to 3.5 mm jack for s.den line-out jack of Sooundkarte ...


Antwort von MiXMaster:

Booyah! Thank you!

Tomorrow I will get an appropriate cable or adapter. On my graphics card is a ViVo-output (S-VHS, Composite - according to the manufacturer) so far. However, this is not an RCA jack, but a remarkable 5-pin (?) Times (not Jack).

I then reports tomorrow's see if it worked. Thanks once again :-))))


Antwort von Markus:

For this "remarkable 5-pin (?) Times" should be a suitable adapter cable for your graphics card must have been to (see Specification> Adapter / Cable bundled: Multi-Video in / TV out adapter). Often, there exist very own plug shapes and layouts.


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