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Was für eine Videokarte soll man sich kaufen?

What kind of video card you should buy?

Frage von serpico:
Juli 2005

hello film freaks,
I'm in the process I set up a Multimdedia PC. Now that I lack a decent video card and is analog to digital capture. I myself well read in slashcam and boggles my mind! Each system has its quirks! Pinnacle, Dazzle, Matrox, Canopus! Is it necessary to actually buy a Black Magic or the expensive Pinnacle Cine Wave series! Out there, I hope someone can help me.
gruß Serpico

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I have the Canopus DV Storm 2 with MPEG hardware module. So I can analog / digital and purely out of the PC with Canopus EDIUS Pro 3 or Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. The map is available at times convenient for auction ...

Antwort von Pepo:

None. Previously I had the Pinnacle DV 200 with Win 2000.

System was extremely unstable, could only capture of a very old camcorders - newer (s.2002) were no longer supported, no updates available.

Working now with XP, had a cheap firewire to capture, Adobe Premiere with a P4 512 Dimm Ram and finally no hardware problems. CPU utilization without capture card approximately 50%.

I know of no reason (except maybe digitize analog material), to which I would need a video card ..

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I know of no reason (except maybe digitize analog material), to which I would need a video card ..

Well, one can read well at Canopus and Matrox ...

For example,

Antwort von hannes:

"I know of no reason (except maybe digitize analog material), to which I would need a video card ..

even that is no rational reason do you do with the ext one. Converter and better problem-free.

Take the ADVC100 of Canopus.
EBay currently have around 160 ¬. It remains permanently s.der DV interface, and then converts the preview image from your computer to the television. This would otherwise be used, the camera.

Has proven himself to me for a long time well.

Good luck from Essen

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

... do you do with the ext one. Converter more ...

Hannes What is better?

Antwort von hannes:

> What is better hannes?

pretty much anything:

the Picture, the cabling, the camera forbearance, amortization,
You can easily sell again when the whole hardware scrap.

For me there is still a Raptor, not for sale and the whole fast-Driss, I've wasted almost. By "NLE editing cards" I've lost over the past 8 years, at least 5,000 DM.
With me is no longer pure!

Good luck from Essen

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Why does a video card?

Click, Click to post 8!

For me it was worth much and it still pays!

Antwort von wolfgang:

For the DV-avi world, I share the opinion of Hannes - so eloquently, the local contribution of Michael may always be synonymous. And while I share these thoughts when I'm from the camp of the Armateurs.

After all, neither I have seen in my simple PC system ever dropped frames, as is assumed in capturing a simple FireWire interface. Still, I was particularly dependent on the analog connections, the digitalization of the analog input of the digital camcorder has completely served (if the player was about quality of Hi8, had built about a TBC). Even my camcorder always been of a simple Firewire port detected - at least for me.

Clear that there the power-Adobe Premiere is called - so you really need in the tendency hardware cards to make real time assessments to be. But if we take around Vegas with much better real-time capabilities, then you have a P4 3.2 Ghz plenty of real-time preview, which is sufficient for the cutting of DV material completely. And a fairly easy knit Matrox P750 is for the expenditure s.externen control monitor is synonymous with this NLE there is sufficient.

For HDV provides the world immediately different - there is across the bank of just about every NLE, sometimes requires more power. One should not overlook synonymous, that is synonymous to increase the performance of PCs. To the Money an HD hardware card you get quite a lot of PC - and the multicore processors and dual-core boards are indeed coming only in synonymous, although already available. After all, as a card in HDV, but some free-range $ 1,000, depending on the Equipment.

Then one should distinguish between professional and amateur to claim. As an amateur I have served on a quick Vegas has always Calculator. The length of time to encode to mpeg was usually quite tolerable, we must not sitting next to it. For extremely time-sensitive orders on the warehouse, the thing just looks different, but there one is just synonymous with other evaluation criteria. There you with the equipment just makes money, then pays off the depreciation.

So the question is rather: what are you, what are your rights? Professional or amateur? You earn money with the equipment?

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Also available as a hobbyist, you can buy something GOOD, why not ...

We are indeed synonymous drive different cars and some ride just one bike and are happy with it ... This can not be equal abbügeln as nonsense ...

So, I'd make no divisions in this or that group ...

The decision is free!

Antwort von hannes:

> Also, I would make because no divisions in this or that group ...

I did.
In my neighborhood with a nem 300SLK 320m drive to get bread. He will ridicule of the others just tired.

In the club we have one who always synonymous must have the latest and most expensive. Storm, Edius, and as it says it all. Only a good film he has not yet shown.

I'll get the bread and fahr prefer to walk next to my old diesel before I spend money that I do not have to impress people that I like.

Antwort von chmee:

Have synonymous in recent years with Firewire and since recently with nem
To do AD / DA converter (Terratec CC800). I'm fascinated that all
go -> report slow! Sometimes I wish I had ne
Acceleration by specific processors. BUT ->
The Canopus Storm principle but is already the right thing. More Real
with more CPU.

And when one is dealing not with component or SDI signals, is
Firewire probably the best that could happen. Okok, little things, like
the low color resolution stressed out during editing, such as keying. Taste
just more time ..

My recommendation:
Calculator basically middle class (currently 2.8-3.4 GHz)
with mind.1GB RAM and 2 hard drives. graphics card to be erinner
are 6erSerie s.den current contribution "Movie Suite with GPU", so Nvidia.
Hossa, nor ne Firewire card in, and good is ....
Well wirds with nem external preview monitor.

-> And here I see the problem that between the Firewire signal and
PC monitor at least there is a latency of 500ms. Therefore, either or.

mfg chmee

ps watch: Edius! Very good real-time effects!

Antwort von wolfgang:

You can Edius synonymous run well on PC - that prevent one synonymous None ...

Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

the experiences and views that were previously posted here, are indeed very different. Now I want to be synonymous nor my two cents. ;-)

Bruno Peter had the link to the Video Forum
Whether it will, however, a high-priced real-time video card or just a simple Firewire port will be / must remain a personal choice. Even professionals occasionally work s.einfachen computers with Firewire port, while many an amateur filmmaker begrudge the benefit of real-time. :-)

I can only anyone who wants to make a real-time video card, advise to buy a complete PC from a specialized dealer (for eg

Antwort von wolfgang:

However correct many of these benefits - but I've already written when I was in practice with a simple onboard firewire card easily see discrepancies. I need some insurance against any dropped frames, if it in practice even occurs at an onboard firewire card.

Jokingly might think that Premiere requires such cards, assuming the bad real-time performance without such cards. Other NLEs need this in a DV-avi world simply no longer possible and that creates enormous real-time capabilities.

Initial adhesion, however, I think that these discussions - like the crucial question of what are now the best NLE - simply are not solvable.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

@ hannes

I did.
In my neighborhood with a nem 300SLK 320m drive to get bread. He will ridicule of the others just tired.

Laughter = envy those who want to enjoy driving one 300SLK synonymous, it is not able to afford. I do not begrudge him the "pleasure". He probably can afford now no longer a bike and is jealous of you hannes?
I drive a small motor home instead of a car, the driver 300SLK is jealous of me because I have a shower and a toilet in my motorhome ... and a small notebook for video editing studio tours ...

Selavi, such is life ...

Antwort von wolfgang:

So with envy that has less to do rather with the question of whether someone wants to make this investment for himself or not. This can only be answered before any themselves. Have fun with your Storm!

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Thank you thank you!
The fun I have, however, synonymous to the real-time testing with HDV footage yesterday ...!

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