Infoseite // Which audio interface for recording video comment

Frage von WWJD:

Hi people

I would like for my video recordings include additionally comment.
I do need a good audio interface that I mean large membrane micro AKG Perception can join 220th
What do you think about the following devices:


The whole Intel MacPro s.meinem to be connected.

Thank you for your input.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Terratec Phase 88 FW than 19 "Rack

Although relatively difficult to get used I can recommend is good but very good.

Here are you having a aussführlichen to test the thing

The PCI version, I do not know - the FW version, I've got myself GSD finally, I use the little friends of your own rehearsal space for years and are more than satisfied.

B. DeKid


Antwort von WWJD:

I do too wide the rack.
My choice is rather small in extent, synonymous with outdoor tranportable possibly shoot.
What do you think about these things?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

AIC - can indeed ok because so nen rack be too large.

Nee So regarding the devices I can say something like nothing NEN friend of me and makes naja MOTU but I know of course there is never really so wrong with you.


I had synonymous always next to the Phase 88 searches on Ebay for NEN comparable MOTU rack but now let's be honest, after I once thing borrowed the hate to make it my audio specifications had shown the thought that was so cool gabs after 3 days NEN there " thumbs up "along the lines you can buy confidently as the MOTU and Co. in anything (almost) anything after.

B. DeKid


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