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Welche Soundkarte für Videovertonung?

Which sound card for video setting?

Frage von Videoamateur:
Oktober 2006

Until now I was satisfied with the sound chip on-board ... in cooperation with Premiere Pro 2.0.

Now I have time to work being considered in the future with a sound card, but I see it as internal, external, USB flash drive solutions, etc. in the meantime there.

Who can give a tip for the best choice in the price segment up to 50 ¬ uro?

I ask about experience, please no tips on search capabilities.
Either someone knows something or not do so.

Thank you so thanks for good tips!

Antwort von steveb:

you should still tell us how your usual way of working with the Add sound, etc. looks like it. What devices are connected s.The sound card? Why is now the board is no longer enough?

It is my opinion according to the following factors which are important for sound card purchase:

1. Connections: Want to connect you directly Micros? Need this phantom power () instead of the battery? Have XLR or TRS? If so, you will need to spend more than 50euro.

2. ASIOunterstützung necessary? If so, it must serve synonymous here a "better" card. price min. 100euro and more. If not, does it really synonymous, the onboard solution continues. For sound cards and 50 euro will hardly bring about an improvement in quality.

3. Internal or External: External solutions are mostly over USB "Geschwindigkeitstechninssch" slow and put something "higher" latency available. However, they are eager for contact.
Internal solutions are generally cheaper and faster.

Antwort von Videoamateur:

I no details about my question:
Which sound card solution is recommended in the price segment up to 50 ¬ uro for the amateur video and why?

Antwort von steveb:

What is now said, however, answer my questions?
You Is not my help important? Did you expect a definite answer formulation?

Antwort von werner75:


I recommend the USB Sound Blaster of Creative.
've Tried a few and am very satisfied with this one. Incidentally, has a 24-bit Resolutionund extensive software with many many possibilities.


Antwort von steveb:

I'm sorry, but what you would need bit here 24th Which (s) media / player provides you the quality available again?

Much more important was the quality of the converter, where music would be dubbed.
But again .... enough for a normal audio processing, a standard sound card (even from onboard) completely. It only becomes difficult if,

Asio is needed, phantom power and XLR are required for Micros or digital connections in optical and coaxial will be used or, for audio timecodes synonymous must be present. Everything else can you do synonymous with a simple card.

Therefore, the last and crucial matter: What do I do with my sound card?

Even if the questioner does not want to admit it, perhaps.

Antwort von beiti:

For the normal film processing quality of the sound card plays no role at all. The material is imported and edited digitally, and re-issued. The sound card is needed only to listen the sound in the preview, but does not affect the actual outcome.

If Music of CDs is included, you can rip this and then also mitverarbeiten fully digital.

A high-quality sound card only makes sense if analog sources to be re-digitized (in particular) Comment shots from the Microphone.

Antwort von Videoamateur:

@ Stefan ...

What is now said, however, answer my questions?

Go simplistic views assume that the chip is put on the board ...

Antwort von Videoamateur:

Yes, of course, is to be synonymous overdubbed by Micro, this feature may indeed now every video editing program.

So once again, with what sound card and 50 ¬ uro have collected your good experiences?

Finally, it is indeed synonymous to the contract documents in the system with the video editing program. The program had indeed given up!

Antwort von beiti:

If a Micro is to be connected would be at least one XLR jack in the adapter makes sense. Sowas there s.ca. 140 euros.

There are cheaper synonymous with asymmetrical handles external sound card microphone input, but they have basically no advantage over the onboard sound card. May be natural that some motherboards onboard sound is very bad or has some faults, then it would be still part of an external benefit.

Antwort von wotan:

Now, once in plain language, in which the board is what you want to do the same results to every 50 euro soundcard. The cost to trade around 50 are purely for to play games with EAX and so on.
I guess the only thing you want is contact with the Micro. Ne good map you'd help synonymous net net If you have a minimum of 50 euros micropipette, and then only gehts los, good micro has its own output when you need your own sound card, or at least a mischpult which the entrance is so ...
Sound cards are also designed for specific purposes have, & c.) as the "good" for example, hold just more specific inputs (eg schlagzeugx6 + + gitarrex2 votes, etc., and convert a sound processor which a need for extremely resistant to short periods.
So it is this: buy yourself the best Micro least find fürn standard PC which start just thinking of sowas is and to take any sound card.

For example, cut everything else Music and drüberlegen any filter ranging synonymous ne standard card

Moreover, if really need ne other sound card:
I find the creative sector in the PC segment and Favorable better than Terratec because they provide at least halfway usable Drivers. So the next best Audigy look and buy! Hands off of 3rd Sellers.

Antwort von steveb:

"Amateur Video" wrote:
@ Stefan ...

What is now said, however, answer my questions?

Go simplistic views assume that the chip is put on the board ...

That is a plausible explanation time! But how you write it in the input thread does not. It is (imho) completely not care what you you buy. Take the Cheapest! The still sufficient.

And why repeat here all of my statements :-)

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