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Arbeiten mit RED-Cam Material

Working with RED-Cam Material

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
März 2008

Working with RED-Cam material of thomas - 22 Mar 2008 16:57:00
The RED-Cam assures the wavelet-compressed data (and metadata over ISO, white / red check, Tinteinstellungen) as R3D files and QuickTime MOVs for proxy reference files from. This article explains what options including Settings and Export of ready made programs RED RED ALERT! REDCINE and to work with the RED video offer. Criticism is the lack of documentation and the still rather defective software, which still in beta stage appears to be. Conclusion: With the RED cam to work, is, be prepared to have the necessary very special way of working only piece by piece to learn and the steep learning curve to accept.

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Antwort von Valentino:

That is not so simple will, but was almost clear and confirms once again that not everyone has a RED synonymous so that the same films can be.
I now only do the people suffering much money into a RED for that reason and now need to remember that you still hold a Mac Pro or similar need to make the data in the format to make appropriate changes. There is probably some but then on a HDCAM or Varicam back because people here with less "surprises" to reckon.

Synonymous Have a nice anecdote about a turn with the RED, which for some reason an entire aufeinmal shooting away and was no longer accessible on the Reddrive was. Since I am an F23 or D20 with HDCAM SR recorder prefer because I can at least be safe for such a failure, the film pays insurance and such losses when bands are almost auszuschliesen.

Please do not post now, but the RED 4K dominated. According to several tests with different lenses, it is just for something between 2K and 3K. Even if you use Master Primes, the picture is not really better and that you have to first have the money, most will still use the high-speed optics, or synonymous with the best of luck s.Ultarprimes times come, but then that's been synonymous. Those who can afford Master Primes can always rotate the same at 35mm.

Antwort von joachino:

"Valentino" wrote:
Those who can afford Master Primes can always rotate the same at 35mm.

Jaaa ... but since it lacks the mystical rapture, of the RED since the first rumors surrounded ... if you browse to the relevant forums, you must then monitor the holy water puddles wipe. But that does not harm the table because it looks like the camera is still in beta stage.
That of the reasons you mentioned, incidentally, we have decided for a Varicam and even a stack of money saved.

Antwort von Valentino:

There have been prior to the RED worlds better cameras, like the phantom 65 and it will be at the next NAB in this area a few novelties.
The D20 is probably a small and manageable D21 replaced, the 2K Camera of silicone or P & S will produce a successor model can AATON bring a digital back for your camera out (as it is already familiar with digital photography), the F25 Of Sony Will with one (or even three?) 4Perf Super35 chips on the market and come out of the house Dalsa is probably synonymous to see new type. Quite forgot I still Panavision, the Genesis synonymous constantly develop next.
Yes and what does RED, ach is precisely this absolute world revolution of Handhelpkamera Scarlet Names that are likely druch her new mystery II chip like everything in 8K and 3D are still on low-cost 5 1 / 4 inch floppy can write.
All in all, a very large market in the RED 4K with your hocus-pocus will disappear faster than some expected.
I am now not the end of the RED evoked, but other than the few famous people, sometimes with a RED rotated, because you have a lot of money got there in Germany except for a few experimtierfreudigen many of the students are not already a full movie rotated with the RED or even remember. Especially in Germany, most Schreker DOP before digital technology back and stay at Super16 rather than the risk in digital cameras to make something wrong. This trend is clearly synonymous with the entire Camera Rental houses observed. For example, Arri D20 pendent very few in the rental, but at 35 and 16mm was possible in years 2007, the largest reported sales pros.

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