Infoseite // Worth a video grabber to the DV output V8/Hi8 of a D8-Camc.

Frage von Tobias Claren:


I'm s.digitize of Video8 and Hi8 analog recordings.
This can be a D8-camera as a DV output directly (internal digitizer).

But I have these black borders and the Flimmerbalken below.

If I now find a way to remove, I would so again as the DV DV Recalculating.
Even if I do not know what I do.
Indeed, in a SW VDL as I would have hundreds or thousands of clips the image area setting, etc..
Very uncomfortable.

Would it be better here Videograbber to a party and watch the videos on the analog output of the camera and then run into the PC to bring?

The video should be uncompressed in the course Calculator arrive.
I found USB - Video-grabber for 15 euros. I fear the same internal compress, or what do they?

Would be a useful software if the data into the same uncompressed a preset area, and raised it to 720x576 as PAL stores (it need not be synonymous the fierce space for uncompressed Avi, synonymous when I s.ein hundreds of GB to TB would have). For example, as a DV. Interesting would be a good Mpeg4 archive option (strong, but primarily on quality as in the HD cameras). But DV would have been something.
If it exists, would be useful additional option for what kind of analogue material advantage would be. No clue what V8/Hi8-Material (except mourning edge and Flimmerstreifen) is typical, and can be optimized. Possibly. a noise, sharpening, etc.?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Clare Tobias" wrote: ... Would it better to arrange a Videograbber ... I found USB - Video-grabber for 15 Euro ...
With the keywords "USB-grabbers" and "ADVC" you'll find here in the forum numerous experiences and tips on this topic. In brief: USB grabber toys are almost always the maximum of one price, but not for quality reasons anschafft. Much better - and because of their control even better than a transfer via D8 camcorder - are connected via firewire A / D converter like the ADVC series of Canopus (Incidentally, there is synonymous to borrow).

Gruß Bernd E.


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