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Frage von alex 1984:

hallo of all the interconnected,

have a question: I would like a mixer section for my system up, since I've fed it, with the mouse to turn ton properly added. but I am somewhat puzzled that there are opportunities there. I would like to have such a firewire mixer such as, for example, or of m audio Mackie. but in how far they help me here? control of the software synonymous with adobe? or is the sound fed into the mixer, then mixed un in the video editing software to import? how can I imagine?
There are actually devices, with which one ton in the audition or synonymous premiere pro may regulate? just like the Digidesign 002 with avid.

Many thanks for your information and assistance,
mfg alex


Antwort von Nio:

Make grad ne redirect here to my question purely ...


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